Ideas for Kitchen Window Treatments

roman shades in kitchen

Traditional window designs work for most homes but allowing yourself to think outside the box can really spark your creative ability and pay off in the long run. Instead of using a cookie-cutter treatment sometimes using everyday materials in unexpected ways can change the style of your kitchen from looking like a affordable feature to an expensive one without breaking your bank. We put together a few ideas for kitchen window treatments that might help you make your decision.

Remodeling your windows can be a time of blending existing treatments with new custom ones that will shape the style of your window. Since window treatments like drapes, blinds, or other shades near a stove or sink absorb the odors and the residue left behind after cooking meals, the opportunity to be creative in finding a window treatment that works is important.

If having a window is important to you but so is privacy, looking into options like frosted glass, roman shades, roller shades made of translucent materials can really pay off.

Another important question is “How do I treat odd shaped windows”? Some ideas that can help you decide are floor-length curtain panels for large bay windows or french doors. Also, valances and cornices are in a way accent marks over windows you want to bring attention to. Asymmetrical design in wood or fabric have the ability to offer a modern design to your kitchen.

Lastly, think about inexpensive ways to improve the style of your kitchen windows by doing a DIY project for a fresh and modern way to make your windows standout. Something simple such as changing the color of the trim from simply a basic color can really highlight the window in a beautiful way. Instantly, it changes the frame through which you see your garden or patio-making it a priceless improvement in more ways than one.


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