Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Custom Window Treatments

So what makes custom window treatments so special? Well they are not only measured to fit your window, but their a lifetime investment. They even have the ability to protect your furnishings from the sun-making them last longer and saving you more money. Additionally, they add value to your home and let’s not mention how aesthetically pleasing they are. If you’re contemplating your purchase here’s our top 3 reasons to invest in custom window treatments.

#1 Measuring to Size

Realistically, you could have two similar windows in a room but most often than not the measurements for each window can be different. Rest assure with custom treatments for your windows professionals measure the dimensions to be an exact fit. During the construction period of your home, many contractors need to make slight changes that affect the window size even the slightest.

#2 Fabrics to Customize

The best part about customizing your window treatment is that your select fabric is hand picked to match the paint, furniture, or style of your home. Along with that, the fabric scale is also pretty important to the overall design of the customization. Selecting bargin bin items that are on sale can be a bad decision seeing that at times the pattern can be skewed or damaged-beware bargain shoppers! Moreover, the quality of interior design showrooms can provide you an overall better quality than at a DIY store.

#3 Design With Your Style in Mind

Here comes the fun part! Designing for your custom window treatments can really encompass the look and feel of your home. The design accents a theme in a room and can visually aid the length of the ceiling, to the way a window looks. One of the best features of custom window treatments is the ability to control your privacy level, whether it’s inside to control the amount of light you let in, to the exterior and the control in the outdoor elements. All in all, the design of your custom window treatment can really add value to your home.


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