Finding Window Treatments for Odd-shaped Windows

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Not every window is a perfect little square or rectangle that you can just toss curtains or blinds over. Some window treatments are needed for the more interesting glazes and translucent crevices that show up in our homes. When it comes to odd-shaped windows and unexpected openings, creativity will be your ally. Fortune favors the bold, when it comes to window blinds and treatments in St. Petersburg FL!

General Advice

To match odd-shaped windows, you’ll need odd-shaped solutions. While you can ignore the weird circle or triangle shaped window that you’ve been given to put up square blinds, it is usually better if you can find a window treatment solution in St. Petersburg FL that is the same size and shape as the window.

Another premise to remember is that if you are going to use one kind of shutters or window treatment for your odd-shaped window, you should probably use the same kind of treatment for the rest of the room. Mixing window treatments can be a bit aesthetically dangerous at times. 

Covering Odd-Shaped Windows


There are a couple of different kinds of arches that you might have. There are perfect, arches, characterized by a height that is half of the width of the arch. These arches are a common kind, and so you might be able to get blinds or curtains that are specifically built for them. If you have an arch that doesn’t measure with a height that is half of the width, then you have an imperfect arch. Imperfect arches need custom cut curtains or blinds in order to work properly.

As with circle windows, imperfect and perfect arches generally work best with blinds or shutters. The precision of the arch allows it to remain framed well by the window treatment that way. Fabric tends to absorb the shape, which is great if you’ve got a square or a rectangle, but not as good for arches and circles.


Skylights are going to need shades that automatically go up and down. Without the automation, you’ll have to use a ladder or a cord, which is obviously super annoying. There are even skylight blinds that you can hook up to solar power, so the window literally powers itself! If you use coverings for your skylight, you probably want to match them 

Bay Windows

Bay windows are sets of windows that open out into an alcove, set at angles from each other. They make a room feel open and classy, and also give you a lot of great window treatment options in the middle. You should probably keep all the windows in a bay window set dressed equally. Here, you can pretty much use the full spread of window treatment options that you have available. Canvas and fabric work really well for these, although you may want to avoid looping silky fabrics. Use something sturdy, and go with something that has a pop of color. Bay windows look good with almost any dressing.

Circle Window

If you have a circle window, you probably want to go with shutters or blinds. Using a curtain on a circle window can be a bit difficult to match up the fabric. Also, the precision of the shape of the circle on the wall generally calls for an equally precise window treatment. 

Triangles and Triangle Bays

Sometimes, houses will have a triangle window in a prominent place. Other times you’ll get a triangle in an odd spot. Even further, sometimes you’ll end up with a bay window display that includes a variety of triangle windows matched with rectangular windows. The basic premise of triangle windows and triangle bays follows the premise of circle and arch windows. It’s hard to match fabric, so stick with blinds and shutters.

Giant Arched Window

Sometimes you’ll have a window that is a single set of squares leading into an arch with no room in between the squares the arch. It creates one big, curved window. In order to put up some window treatments on this kind of giant arched window, it’s best to use a tappered curtain. Set up a curtain on the sides but instead of putting it along a rail that overhangs the window, tap it up on the sides and let it drape at an angle. This will guide the window into the wall and make the whole display look lovely!

Sets of Windows

Let’s say that you have a wall of a room that has a huge display of windows on it. The wall doesn’t have large windows that might make it conducive to a room-length curtain, but instead has intricate patterns of windows. It might combine circles, squares, and triangles into the same set of windows. But it’s not a bay window set, because the wall is flat. 

In this case, you could treat each window individually, but this can quickly get crowded. In this case, just like the giant arched window, it’s probably best to use massive curtains and pin them in strategic places to get the whole thing to billow over the edges of the window display.

Using Fabric Solutions on Odd Windows

If you really want to get some fabric over your arches, triangle and circle windows, then you’ll have to do a bit of creative work. You can totally place fabric curtains over arches and circle windows, just get a curtain that is bigger than the window by about a foot on each side and place it about a foot or two higher than you would normally place the fabric curtain. By setting the curtain high, you’ll create a loose and colorful look that compliments the window.

Using Stained Glass

Another option for windows that are odd shapes is to use stained or fogged glass. By using a new window that has been treated in this way, instead of a window treatment, you can skip the need to get custom fitting blinds. This is sometimes a more expensive option, but can add the right kind of style to an odd shaped window. Stained glass can bring a great look in the right spot.

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