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If you love creating spaces that people love, these are the products for you.

One of the best questions that you can ask yourself before gobbling up home automation equipment is “what do I want to do with my smart home?” If the answer is that you really want to create vibrant spaces that lead people into laughter, joy, and pure entertainment, then you’re in the right spot. We’re going to check out smart home automation for entertainment in St. Petersburg FL so that you can build the perfect, endlessly entertaining, smart home.

Entertainment Hub

Let’s cover in a single section all the things that you think of when you think of smart home automation for entertainment. That would be the entertainment hub. The TV, the game systems, the remote, the smart speakers, and the automatic lights. When you think about a smart home that is primed for entertainment, you’re thinking of using your voice to turn on your TV and load up Netflix, then using your voice to start the show and dim the lights.

The good news is that that’s fairly easy. Simply select from Google, Amazon, Apple, or many other smart hubs to get voice command. Pick a cool TV, get a great sound system, and you’re good to go. So while it bears mentioning that you should be setting up an entertainment hub in your living room, garage, or entertainment room–that’s not where your automated smart home should end.

Mesh Wifi

When you get a wifi router, you’re creating a signal that has decreasing power as you move further and further away from the center. If you get signal boosters, that simply extends the range of the signal by a bit but also has to dilute the speed in order to do that. If you really want to be running a smart home that is optimized for entertainment, you’ll have to get a bit more creative with the whole process. You’ll need mesh WiFi.

Mesh wifi basically changes the way that wifi comes to your house. Instead of having a centralized hub, you’ll create a wifi-rich network of beacons that you can spread throughout your house. If you’re trying to entertain your friends, you’ll need to provide lightning fast internet experiences, all around the house. You don’t want your smart TV to lag simply because someone hops on a laptop in the kitchen, closer to the router.

Dynamic Lighting

Using your voice to dim the lights, bring up the lights, or shift the color of the lights puts you in full control of the situation. Being able to change the lights from your phone will do the same. One of the key, but overlooked, jobs of the host is to maintain the lighting! Make it easy and keep it simple by doing it from your phone. Add a pop of color with smart home light bulbs to really bring the room together.

Voice Activated Speakers in the Whole House

One of the great elements of any party is the ability to control all the music, all throughout the house, at every point. A guest will still feel engaged if they leave the kitchen, but find that there is a speaker outside the bathroom (or even inside) that is gently playing the same music or television that everyone else is listening to. Imagine having a sports party where the game still can be heard by a tiny speaker that you’ve placed in the bathroom! Also voice controlled music will help you to control the music at every moment. Diming music with your voice means you don’t have to be the host, disengaged, on their phone, controlling the music. The music matters. But you won’t have to give yourself over to the music.

Smart Snacks

Fresh Bread

What could be cooler for your party than a smart bread maker? Flatev is a company that sells tiny bread makers that work with little bread pods, so its a lot like a Nespresso for your bread. They have pods that will make all kinds of different flat breads, from tortillas to rice bread and blue corn. These breads are hot and freshly baked, and you can use them to create a unique tortilla making experience for your party. Just imagine hosting a game day party in which you don’t reheat tortillas, but allow guests to make their own tortillas on the spot!

Amazing Cookies

We’ve all had the stress of trying to produce freshly baked cookies for our guests. Cookie making is a difficult sport, with only about 30 seconds to 1 minute of wiggle room between cookies that are too doughy to be eaten by your friends and cookies that are burnt. If you don’t pull the cookies out in this precise window, you’ll either have dough or smoke. Instead of struggling through this process, you can turn to the Chip Oven, which makes cookies perfectly every time.

Smart Couch

What could be cooler than a honeycomb structure, maximized for comfort, that can move and shape around the kind of seating arrangements that your living room needs? While the Lift Bit has not entered production phases yet, it looks amazing. Keep your eyes peeled for this honeycomb structure that can move with an app.

Smart Plugs

Imagine the possibilities when you’re using plugs that can turn on and off with a touch of your app. That’s what you’ve got when you’ve got smart plugs. Simply leave all your fans and lights on, and instantly everything connected to an electrical outlet becomes a smart device that allows you to turn off and on the device. For example, if you’ve got anything from a record player to a pinball machine in your entertainment center, you can turn it on from the smart plug by simply tapping on your app. Use it to automatically start any electrical devices that you want. 

Smart Doorbell

Remember that your guests’ perceptions of the party start at the door. Welcome them in to a great entertainment experience with a personal hello and an automatic unlock.

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