10 Best Window Treatment Ideas for Large Windows

Living room with classic furniture and large window

What better way to further beautify the picturesque view from your room then by accessorizing your large window? However, window furnishing requires figuring out precise measurements. You want to ensure you purchase a window cover that matches your room decor while allowing optimum levels of natural light to enter the room.  

Moreover, your main objective should be choosing a window treatment that contains the perfect blend between functionality and style. Not to mention, these are available in several different sizes and material options. Plus, there are plenty of designs and patterns to go through. While the wide marketplace ensures you can find the perfect covering for your room, it also means searching for the right fit is a confusing ordeal.  

Below are the most popular and efficient window treatment solutions that you can get to add style to your large windows:

1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds generally have a high-quality PVC or Vinyl slate construction. The most common type of window covering, these blinds work best on sliding glass doors. Moreover, the high-quality material used in these blinds helps protect your room from copious amounts of natural light. 

Not to mention, vertical blinds are less likely to gather to dust, making it easy for you to ensure a tidy room. On top of all that, these are UV and moisture resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about the colors fading away. The best part? These are available in a plethora of captivating colors.

2. Rattan Blinds

Due to high-quality bamboo, Rattan blinds are perfect for eco-conscious people. It also minimizes exposure to sunlight; these top-notch quality blinds are available in a multitude of colors and sizes. Not just this, but this window covering ensures air-regulation, allowing for a warm ambiance in your room. 

3. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have first-rate wood or metal construction to block out light completely. On the other hand, those looking to decrease the amount of natural light in the room can purchase cotton or linen roller blinds. Moreover, those looking to add style to their room may look for fabric blinds. 

Furthermore, installing roller blinds takes a couple of minutes only. Plus, raising the blinds or lowering them to control the entrance of light is super easy. Roller blinds are also available in a plethora of different designs due to the extensive range of materials. 

4. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades remarkably bespoke of functionality alongside classy designs. What makes them such a popular option is that these shades are super lightweight despite covering a large window. 

Otherwise known as honeycomb shades, these window covering comprises a bunch of honeycomb-shaped pockets. These help trap air to ensure you feel cool throughout the day. Not to mention, cellular shades start from sheer to room-darkening opacity to meet your sunlight blocking needs. Lastly, you can get these in a wide variety of contemporary styles and colors.

5. Horizontal Sheer Shades

Reduce bright sunlight entering your gardens, terraces, verandas, and patios by installing sheer horizontal shades on your window. Due to optimum quality materials, these shades offer convenient adjustment controls that allow you to switch the settings according to your needs. The array of stunning colors lets you select a pair that matches your room’s decor perfectly. 

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6. Roman Shades

Energy-efficient and classy, roman shades are a great option for covering tall windows. What sets these shades apart is their unique contoured folds design. Pull-on the cord attached to the shades and watch as the folds stack up neatly. 

Not to mention, the cord system makes diffusing sunlight or increasing it super easy. Moreover, Roman shades are fabricated using high-quality, thick fabric featuring a double lining. It means the shades protect you from the chilly weather.

7. Drapes or Curtains

Ensure a softer look in your room by going for drapes or curtains. Frame your windows with these luxurious fabrics to offer a trendy yet comfortable look in your room. Moreover, enjoy a soft light entering your room by installing high-quality drapes or curtains in your room. 

Apart from coming in a wide variety of interesting designs, drapes and curtains boast an incredible range of colors. From softer hues to bright, vibrant colors, the amount of tones curtains and drapes offer are unmatched!

It means there are several ways you can style your room, as well. From boasting a timeless, classy white curtain look to opting for blending the two options, these window covers allow you to experiment with different styles.  

8. Classic Shutters

Add elegance to your room by selecting classic shutters. These shutters use premium quality materials to ensure durability alongside style. 

If you’re someone whose room boasts a monochromatic color scheme, you should go for classic shutters. Not only will these shutters complement your room’s overall look, but they’ll reduce sunlight as well.

9. Plantation Shutters

Ultimately, your window treatments can either beautify or downplay your room’s look. Plantation shutters offer a diverse range of color and size options. Moreover, you can change the opacity level to best suit your needs as well.

With the stacks of louvered slats, plantation shutters are well-renowned for restricting the accumulation of dust atop your covering. 

10. Double Blinds 

Go for a unique and special look by selecting double blinds. Combine two different types of blinds to add dimension to your room. A bonus is an optimum blockage of natural light and adequate bedroom privacy. Now your room won’t get cold through the night, either. 

Be it roman drips with curtains or plantation shutters with curtains encasing them; double blinds let you try different styling options. One thing is for sure—all of them deliver a sleek and elegant look. 

The Bottom Line 

From Roman shades to classic shutters, the window treatment market is jam-packed with remarkable window covers. The wrong purchase can easily cause damage to your window. However, once you understand the array of different window treatment choices available, it’ll be easier for you to make the right purchase.

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