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Home theater is not something you can define easily – it is basically just a term for a certain approach to home-based entertainment. In a general sense, a quality home theater system (like the one Savant offers) is a mixture of different components perfectly designed to reconstruct the immersive experience of watching a film in an actual theater. Watching a film on a home theater system is a much more immersive, fun, and exciting experience compared to when you are watching a movie on a normal television set. 

There is no doubt that when it comes to home theater systems, Savant home theater is a class apart! With just a single touch, you can watch anything you desire from any place. Talk of convenience! Keep reading to learn why investing in the Savant home theater system can be a wise decision. 

Top Features of Savant Home Theater

The following are some of the best features of the Savant home theater system, which make it one of the best technologies available in the market. 

IP Video Input

One of the best features of the Savant Home Theater is the Savant Video IP transmitter (Input) that produces excellent and swift performance. Plus, it boasts HDR video distribution and 4K/60 4:4:4, integrated controls and PCM audio breakouts. The video has zero frame latency and pristine and incredible clarity. 

In addition, the integrated video scaler and processor produce a highly immersive and unparalleled viewing experience, enabling the most famous video formats such as HDR and 4K60 4:4:4. The video scaler (built-in) is able to downscale sources to High Definition quality displays in a seamless manner. The grand architecture that provides an ultra-high performance generates a software-defined matrix that you can scale when you want. All you have to do is add the receiver endpoints as needed.

Other Key Things to Know about the IP Video Input

  • Includes hardware components for video tiling and processing to be integrated into any future releases.
  • Very easy to deploy, configure, and manage by making use of System and Blueprint Monitor
  • You can connect several units over the 10 Gigabytes network to scale all the inputs (video) into the system.

Savant Video Tiling

Savant Video tiling enables you to display several sources on several or just one display all at the same time. To give you an example, you can have a TV show playing on one particular area of the entire screen while you watch the baseball results in another part and also see who is at the door of your home with the CCTV footage! 

With 4K UHD resolution televisions garnering a lot of popularity lately, this video tiling feature takes things to a completely different level! 

Savant has also considerably updated this feature to the most recent technology, and you can find it in the Savant Pro App’s latest version if you have the required licenses and hardware. The Savant video tiling feature is based on the company’s advanced Video over IP technology. This technology enables your centralized sources of video to distribute to any television in your home by making use of your Ethernet network.illustration of tablet and smart phone

What’s more, with tiling, you can connect as many sources you want to Savant’s distribution system (IP video), only restricted by the network’s size. The efficient Savant video processor can bring together any of these sources you pick using a broad array of screen layouts (for instance – four equal-sized videos, a small video in every top corner along with one large video and so forth). The final video stream that you receive fully supports up to 60 4K fps (frames per second) at 4:4:4 quality depth. Hence, there is no loss in the quality of the image. 

Finally, since you are using the superior Savant technology, you can easily do all of this from the Savant application on your smartphone or tablet. 

Other Reasons to Opt for Savant Home Theater

There are reasons galore to opt for the remarkable Savant home theater system. Some of these include but are not limited to: 

Same Theater Experience with no Hassle 

When you are the proud owner of a Savant home theater system, there will never be any need for you to locate a parking spot or wait in a long queue to purchase popcorns or movie tickets. With the Savant home theater, you can select from the best possible seats and have whatever food items you want! 

Acoustics and Sound are exactly how they ought to be 

When we design and install a home theater, we usually begin wondering about acoustics and sound quite early, as this is one of the most integral elements of having the best possible viewing experience. The room’s shape, placement of furniture, and size of the speaker all contribute considerably to how sound functions in a room. With a Savant home theater system, you will not have scratchy feedback or any variable sound effects. 

You have the full Power over the Remote Control

 When you go to the theater to watch a film, they do not pause the movie so you can buy another drink from the counter or use the bathroom. You are truly the king of your world when you have the Savant home theater. You have the luxury to pause the movie whenever you want, watch a long television show over three nights or rewind to any point in the film. It is completely your choice! 

Bottom Line

The Savant home theater system boasts a number of impressive features and offers benefits galore for the users. If you are looking for innovative technology that allows you to immerse yourself in theatrical experience right from your home, this Savant home theater is probably the best buy for you. It ticks all the boxes and provides top-quality entertainment that compromises on nothing!

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