Why Go to the Theater, When You Can Own a Home Theater?


In today’s world the main mode of catching up on cinematic trends is streaming movies, and where better to do that then from the comfort of your own home. We no longer have to wait in line to purchase tickets to a movie. Now all that is required is the click of a button. Although there is no doubt an allure to being able to watch all of the new movies from home there is also a magic to sitting down in a theater and watching a film unfold.  

This is part of the reason why home theaters are becoming popular. They are no longer something reserved for the elite but finding themselves in more and more average American homes. Their popularity is likely due to many factors, a few of which are outlined below.

Home Theaters are Convenient

First and foremost, the convenience of staying home can’t be overlooked. One of the greatest parts of having a home theater is that, well, it’s in your home.  You are no longer faced with the hassle of loading a bunch of kids into a van and hauling it down to the theater just to be met with obstacle after obstacle. Besides there being a line there is also a time commitment and they don’t wait on you to hit play, even if you ask really nicely.

On top of those hiccups the food is well known for being overpriced. And after sitting through a bunch of trailers, that obscenely large soda you purchased will no doubt have you running to the bathroom during the most exciting part, which you can’t pause. Although there will always be a charming allure around going to the movies with friends and families it’s time to admit that those days are coming to an end and the days of home movie theaters are upon us.

There’s no shame in it either. These are times of convenience, where everything we could possibly need or want is available at the touch of a button, so why should a movie theater experience be any different?

Pick a Movie, Any Movie From Your Home Theater

The convenience of staying at home doesn’t just end with the freedom to avoid all lines, pause as you wish, and pick your own affordable snacks. With a home theater, you aren’t limited by an establishment’s movie selection. Instead, you are free to choose from any movie you wish. Of course, that’s slightly limited by what streaming platform you have purchased but your overall options are limitless.

You can watch all of the latest releases that are still in those “real theaters” or you can choose throwbacks to relive with friends or show to your children. And anyone that’s gone to the movie theater with a group of friends knows that if a movie hasn’t been decided on beforehand it’s almost impossible for everyone to agree on the same film to watch. This problem is eradicated when it comes to home theaters because you pick all the showtimes and all the movies. If the kids want to watch the latest live action remake of a Disney story, they can all pile in and have the first time slot.

This is also great because they are entertained for a couple hours and instead of being stuck at the movie theater with them you can actually get things done around the house.  Then once they’ve gone to bed the teenagers or adults, something for those two groups to sort out, can pick their own film and enjoy an evening at the movies without well actually going to the movies. A home theater provides a win-win situation for all generations within a household, not something easily done.

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Home Theaters Bring People Together

Another benefit of having a home theater is that it brings people together. Having a theater in your home makes it a lot easier to coordinate for the family to gather. With a home theater you are able to feed your guests and provide entertainment. Not only can you provide entertainment within your own home, but you won’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what that entertainment which is a big portion of event planning stress.

All you have to do is pick a meal, pick a movie, and invite the family. Keeping the family connected and together is a great benefit of having an at home theater but so is keeping tabs on the kids. Instead of having them head out to eat and watch movies with friends leaving you worried about their safety and decisions; let them invite their friends over and use the at home theater.

Having a room set aside to entertain their friends will give them a sense of independence and will save you the stress of wondering what they’re up to. Another win-win situation for the home theater.

Increase Your Home’s Value with a Home Theater

There are countless direct benefits to having a home theater in your house while you are living there. The most obvious one being you get the luxury of going to a movie theater without ever having to leave your home. Then there are the social benefits of having family and friends around more often since there is a central activity to base gatherings around. However, the addition of an at home theater can also provide indirect benefits to your family in the long run.

One such example is it increases your home value. If you ever decide to sell your family home having a room pre-equipped to be a home theater could be a great selling point for a potential buyer. Obviously, you aren’t going to throw in all of your furnishings but it’s still a better for the next owner than having to transform a room into a theater from the very start. It can also add a sense of distinction to your home that can help it sell for a little more than it would otherwise.

So, if you’ve been considering the possibility of getting a home theater, the advantages speak for themselves.

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