Are Faux Wood Window Shutters Right for Me?

Wood Window Shutters

Shutters have long been linked to exterior home design and curb appeal. A new trend has developed, and homeowners are now putting them inside as a window treatment. 

Not only do shutters installed indoors look great, but they also provide added insulation, privacy, and light regulation. Shutters can do anything blinds or shades can with an up to date, chic look.

Are heavy, wood shutters the only option for those wanting to get on the train with this new design trend? No. Faux wood combines the best aspects of real wood to create a perfect, durable window treatment. 

The choice between faux wood and natural wood shutters is yours to make. Here, we will examine some reasons that faux wood is a great option and weigh the two options with some pros and cons of both. 

Why Have Faux Wood Shutters Become so Popular?

Faux wood shutters are made from a composite material that offers many advantages over traditional, wood plantation-style shutters. These benefits have led to growing popularity amongst interior designers, contractors, and homeowners.

The installation process is rendered simple by using faux wood shutters. The lighter weight material provides a far easier installation for DIY homeowners and professionals alike. 

Durability is improved when using a composite, faux wood shutter. Wood breaks down over time and can become a challenge to keep looking fresh. Warping, fading, cracking, and general wear and tear are almost nonexistent with faux wood window treatments.

While often considered a necessity only for exterior applications, the waterproof nature of faux wood can come in handy indoors, as well. Of course, rain and humidity have a major impact on exterior shutters, so getting a waterproof product is a must outdoors. However, the best cleaning agent is simple water, making the faux wood great for indoors, too.

Wear and tear around the house are unavoidable. A simple scrape moving some furniture or the bump of an errantly thrown ball can cause scratches in real wood shutters. Faux wood is scratch resistant and does not show the marks of a well-worn life. 

Faux shutters can be made from materials that resist fading. Fading is a significant problem for exterior shutters but can impact the look of those inside the home, as well. Try as you might, it can be impossible to prevent your wood shutters from fading. Faux wood is resistant to fading and often includes UV protected materials, which can help protect your home from harsh sun rays.

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Faux Wood Versus Real Wood

The decision to use shutters inside your home is a bold one. This modern look is sure to impress your family and friends. However, there are more choices to make like color and material.

This short list of pros and cons for faux and real woods should help narrow down the product that is best for you and your home.

 Real Wood Window Shutter Pros

  • The Look. Wood grain is one of the most beautiful natural occurrences there is. The depth of color and shine of polished wood can be tough to beat for indoor and outdoor window treatments.
  • The Colors. Wood affords the opportunity to choose any paint color or blend of colors known to man. This can be a major benefit when attempting to match the interior of your home.
  • The Stain. Stain requires real wood to look its best. Many homeowners choose a stain that matches cabinets or furniture in the room. 
  • The Strength. Wood shutters do not sag as some composite shutters could. Wood is known for its strength and a high-quality shutter will stand the test of time with proper upkeep.
  • The Warranty. Many wood shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty on the quality of the shutters. This depends on the retailer but is more common with wood products.

Real Wood Window Shutter Cons

  • The Cost. Simply put, wood shutters can cost more on average than any other material. This is certainly something to consider as you budget for your new window treatments.
  • The Maintenance. While wood can stand up to the test of time, it will require some elbow grease every now and then. Whether it be staining or repainting, wood products do need regular maintenance to stay looking their best.

Faux Wood Window Shutter Pros

  • The Durability. Tough, durable, long-lasting. These are all words that describe a faux wood shutter. The color and look remain steadfast without much maintenance aside from some light cleaning.
  • The Price. Faux wood often comes at a lower price point than the best wood products. This can vary so it is worth shopping for both products if you are basing your decision on cost.
  • The Installation. This is a major influencer for those doing a DIY installation. Faux wood is often lighter, making it easier to install than the heavier wood shutters.
  • The Moisture Resistance. If you are using your shutters for the exterior or as an interior window treatment in a humid area of the home, faux wood offers great moisture resistance. Faux lacks the tendency to warp that some wood shutters have.

Faux Wood Cons

  • The Colors. Faux wood does come in many color options but may not have the design flexibility that paintable, real wood shutters do. For those needing a very specific color match, faux wood might pose a challenge.
  • The Sizes. Faux wood often comes in smaller sizes than real wood offers. The panel size can also be limited, which is a downside for many interior designers who prefer a very specific look.

The Final Decision

As you can see, faux wood offers many positives as an interior or exterior shutter choice. This does not eliminate wood entirely from the conversation. 

The end choice is obviously yours. Consult with a professional and discuss your window treatment needs to learn more about the specific benefits faux wood or real wood might offer to your future design.

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