5 Incredible Home Theater Features

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It’s safe to say we’ve all seen at least one episode of MTV Cribs or something similar. An awesome house is shown off for the cameras, complete with 10 car garages, indoor water parks, and personal chefs.

While those things aren’t usually attainable for most people, one feature that many people want seeing these types of shows is definitely possible to have: a home theater. If you’re a film buff or simply like watching movies with your friends, you can create the perfect home theater for you.

Certain home theater features are more important than others, though. Sure, having the right film is a great place to start (can we recommend a Lord of the Rings marathon?). But let’s take a look at 5 of the best features a home theater can have.

1. Easy Smart Controls

With everything that goes into a home theater (projector, sound system, lighting, DVD player, Netflix hookup, etc), it’s easy to be overwhelmed with 10+ remote controls. Learning how to turn on the projector while turning it to the proper input and have the video and audio play at once can feel like a full-time job.

That’s why some of the best home theaters have a completely “smart” set-up. You can either connect your home theater to your entire smart home system, or you can get the home theater on its own smart system.

This will make all the controls easy without having 20 clickers, 4 different cable boxes to worry about, light switches, etc. Many smart systems can be controlled entirely through your phone.

With smart controls, you don’t even have to get up. All you’ll have to do is make some popcorn, get settled in your seat, pull out your phone, and you’ll be all set.

2. High-End Audio System

Just because you aren’t at the local theater doesn’t mean you can’t have surround sound audio in your home theater. Installing a high-end sound system in your home theater will make the epic fight scenes that much more epic, and the saddest scenes that much more intense.

Investing in the best audiophile speakers for your home theater system will pay off: you’ll have the best quality audio possible.

Watching movies on your laptop in bed won’t be good enough anymore when you could be in your own personal theater with the bass pumping and sound that makes the actors seem like they’re in the room with you.

3. “I’m Never Getting Up” Seats

We’ve all suffered through watching movies on a lumpy old couch or even in the old movie theater seats at our local cinema. But that just won’t do at a home theater.

Getting the best, comfiest recliners is almost a requirement for a home theater. You’re going to be spending hours here with your friends and family. You might as well get seats that literally suck you in and prevent you from leaving until you’ve watched at least 2 movies.

The best seats can be individually controlled with reclining buttons and leg rests. Cup holders, optional snack holders/trays, seat warmers, and built-in speakers are all optional accessories if you want to be very extra.

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4. Light and Noise Reduction

Everyone knows that when the lights dim, it’s time to start the movie. But a home theater doesn’t have the luxury of being the only room in the house, unlike a theater in a cinema.


This means that light from other rooms could leak in, which can affect the video quality and the movie experience. Take the time to install lights that can completely darken, or at least dim if you don’t want it to be completely dark.

You should also think about the placement of the lights in your theater.

Will the placement of the lights be in the way of your view? Do you want lights along the aisle of the seats like they have in the cinema? What about lights under or above the screen? Do you want light directly outside the theater to bleed in?

You can also consider getting different colored light bulbs that won’t affect the picture quality as much.


Your home isn’t noise proof and neither is a home theater. Take the time to put up noise absorbing foam or insulation in order to prevent outside noise from disturbing your movie experience.

It isn’t only outside noise you need to worry about. All of the technology in the theater, like the projector, the cable box, the reclining seats, etc, can all be loud during a movie.

Louder movies will likely cover these noises, but what about an intense scene where the actors are whispering? Noise can really ruin a moment.

To reduce this type of noise, you can get higher end projectors that are quieter. You can also hide away a lot of the loud technology in cabinets to encase some of the noise they make.

5. Fun Accessories

Once you have a lot of the standard features, it’s time to spice up your home theater. It’s a home movie theater: have some fun with it!

Movie posters? Popcorn maker? Life-size cutouts of your favorite movie characters?

Icee machine? Novelty movie theater seats? Boxed set of all the Scream movies?

Why not have it all!

This is your chance to be the person on MTV Cribs, so live it up.

The Best Home Theater Features: Wrapping Up

Creating a home theater is fun more than anything. You get to create something that almost all kids, and adults, dream of having. All of your friends will be jealous and probably invite themselves over, especially if you have all of these home theater features.

While everyone has different wants from their home theater, it’s safe to say that these 5 things are must-haves. If you need some more ideas on designing or creating your home theater, check out our other articles on home theaters.

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