Prepping Windows for Winter

Heat conservation begins with our windows. Winter is coming on fast, temperatures are dropping, and we are turning our thermostats up. There is nothing quite as nice as a warm snuggly room on a cold winter’s day. But how much of that precious heat that we pay so much for is leaking out through our windows? How great it would be to put brand new super thermal windows all through our home. But that’s not feasible for most of us. However, there are some basic things we can do in terms of prepping windows for winter to maintain our comfy environment.

A good starting place would be to check the perimeter of our homes for any structural imperfections. Check for cracked glass, damaged or rotting wood, or any spots that are obviously letting your hot air pour out into the cold. If anything is found, and can’t be dealt with as a self-project, call a professional.

After the perimeter has been checked, and our windows are in good health, the next step to take is focusing on making sure the windows are efficient inside – windows account for 10 to 25 percent of our heating bills because of leaked air. Here are some low-cost easy fixes to help winterize the home and keep our fingers and toes warm.

Regardless of the age of our windows, a very good alternative to increase insulation and decrease heat loss is to install storm windows. Storm windows are available for most windows, and budgets. They range from inexpensive plastic films to ornate glass coverings with low-e coatings. Check out this article at

Stay safe and warm, and make sure there is always some fresh air circulating through your home. For any and all of your window needs, be sure to call the BBD Lifestyle team.

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