Smart Bulbs: Just How Smart Are They?

Smart home automation can save you energy and money, and can ultimately simplify your life and add to your personal safety by increasing home security. Lights that automatically activate when you arrive home after a long day spent away are now readily available everywhere. Smart home lighting is quickly rising in popularity as more devices are being installed in homes everywhere.

Diving into home automation can be overwhelming at first with there being so many new and exciting options on the market to increase home efficiency. If you are looking for a good place to start, then smart lighting is a safe investment and is something worth exploring.

The main ways of controlling your smart lights is through the use of control hubs, and smart devices such as tablets, smartphones, Amazon Echo or Google Home. Make sure both the device and the smart lights are connected to wifi or Bluetooth to remotely configure and manage your smart lighting. As a new consumer, starting with a smart light setup that works with your smart device will be the more user-friendly option and you will have the ability of controlling every aspect of your house lights.

Each bulb has its own built in wireless communications chip that allows the bulb to communicate with the controlling app on the devices mentioned above. Smart bulbs are brilliantly bright and wonderfully efficient. They can also use different LED color tones, which can be used to create almost any color or mood imaginable. The bulbs also come in different shapes and sizes and have great lifespans.

Say you are out running errands, and there is no possibility of returning home before the dark of the evening settles leaving your house completely dark. You can monitor and program your bulb status remotely by a simple tap of the finger on your smart device. Additionally you can set a timer for every light in your house to turn on and off when necessary. This can give the appearance that you are home, even if you are not. You can also stay in bed at night and tell the kitchen light to turn off, or the front porch light to turn on

Smart bulbs are here to stay, so get to know them. They are energy and cost efficient and in many ways a precursors of great technology to come.



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