Benefits of Automated Blinds & Why You Need Them

One of the most amazing things about the smart home field is that every week, there’s a new household item that’s been automated. As time goes on, we see more and more mundane items being turned into something much more exciting, and much more dynamic.

Take your window treatments and blinds for example; It’s now possible to turn them into “smart blinds”, by installing an affordable, electronic pulley system, which is be controlled via a smartphone or home remote. We’ve laid out how you can get them in your home, and what they can do for you.

The Growing Smart Blind Market

Smart home tech is undeniably niche. You might consider “smart blinds” to be a niche within a niche. There are few manufacturers, and none boast the prominence or presence that the likes of Samsung, Nest, and Phillips do.

Why Spend the Money

For some smart home products, the value proposition is immediately apparent. The Nest thermostat, for instance, will save you money on your heating bill. Although I’m pretty skeptical about robot vacuums, I admit that for some people, they will save time and effort.

What’s so “smart” about smart blinds that you’d spend top dollar and above per window? We can think of some genuinely important possible situations…

Burglary Prevention

If you’ve ever traveled for an extended period of time, you probably know that your biggest anxiety is whether your home is safe. The moment it becomes apparent your house is unoccupied, it becomes an enticing target for burglars. Even in the safest of neighborhoods, the reality of burglary is never out of mind.

With Smart Blinds, you can create the appearance of someone actively living in your home. From automated movement to providing specific lighting scenarios, auto-blinds are designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home.

You can combine this with other smart home tech to turn your house into a virtual Fort Knox. With the Philips Hue lights, you can time your lighting to coincide with the sunset. With a motion detector, you can tell when someone’s skulking around your house, and with a Nest Cam, you can record the footage required to catch the criminal.

Protect Your Privacy

In many major cities, privacy is at a premium, as people live cheek by jowl in crowded apartments and suburbs. If you’re conscious of your neighbors being able to peer into your apartment while you’re not at home, you might want to consider installing smart blinds.

With smart blinds, you could time your blinds so that they close when your neighbors arrive home, or when your kids come back from school.

Thankfully, the strategic use of smart blinds can help in a variety of areas. By setting them to close during the day, you can slow down the heating of your house, and thus reduce the strain on your air conditioner and energy costs.

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