How to Choose the Right Colored Window Blinds for Your Home

Colored window blinds

Designing a home sounds simple enough until you’re up to your knees in color options for the walls and going back and forth on lighting decisions. As fun and exciting as the process is, it’s a lot of work when you start adding up all the little details.

But, the more you pay attention to things like how much natural light is in a room and the kind of colored window blinds you want, the better the overall outcome eventually is. It’s just a matter of taking a step back to look at the big picture. With this in mind, all your decisions become much easier and the final product will be ready before you know it!

To help you pick the right colored window blinds, use the four simple steps listed below.

1. Identify Your Interior Design Style

Think of the big picture mentioned above in terms of the design style you’re going for. This should be what guides the whole room. Having a clear kind of interior design in mind help you put all the pieces together; it comes into play when picking the color of the blinds as well as the fabric of the furniture.

If you don’t have this already established, you’re in trouble. Take some time to research a handful of interior design styles and choose the one that speaks the most to you. Some people are all about sleek, modern looks while others prefer cozier designs – like rustic decor or a shabby chic approach.

Each one is distinct from the other. You can’t expect the same colored blinds that match a country home to look right in an industrial or art deco kind of setup. There are situations when two interior design styles blend to create something unique, but this is best done when they consistently interact throughout the home.

2. Know Your Options for Colored Window Blinds

Once you’ve identified the overall design of the home, it’s time to take a closer look at the colored window blinds available to you. Think of the material as well as the color. Blinds can be made out of wood, faux wood, fabric, and aluminum.

Some materials are meant to block out light while others filter natural light into a room to open it up and make it more welcoming. Keep these things in mind as you compare one color to another. A few common colors homeowners choose are:

  • white or cream
  • tan
  • grey
  • black
  • dark brown

If these aren’t doing it for you, try getting a little more creative. Consider using your blinds as a chance to add a pop of color to the room. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to play with everything from shades of yellow to tones of blue or green.

3. Choose to Trim or Not to Trim

You can’t choose the color of the window blinds without thinking about the trim. Trim is the molding that borders a window on the interior side – it’s like a frame for the glass and the blinds.

You can choose to paint the trim to match the blinds or to leave it as is. Or, you might even choose to have a separate color for the wall, the trim, and the blinds, although this isn’t really recommended.

Deciding what to do with the trim really comes down to how much of a statement you want to make. If you want the blinds and the window treatments to blend in with the rest of the room, match the trim to the blinds. If you’d rather use this to draw attention or play a little trick on the eyes, make the trim pop.

As you’re weighing the pros and cons of each option, think more about the size and structure of the room than the overall design. For example, a small living room may benefit from window treatments that make it look bigger than it actually is. On the other hand, a bedroom could use something that encourages those who reside in it to relax and unwind.

4. Curtains, Natural Light, and Other Details to Consider

Just when you think you’ve made the right decision, consider a few more things. Picture your top choice of colored window blinds with curtains on the window and think about the natural light they will allow to enter the room, too.

Yes, it is possible to have blinds and curtains on a window. In fact, it’s something many homeowners do to give themselves more privacy and a few more options when they’re using a certain room – options like how much natural light to let in and the amount of privacy they want.

Other details to pay attention to are the maintenance requirements and installation costs of the blinds you want. You may be dead set on a certain kind only to realize they require more upkeep than you’re interested in taking on. Or, they might be out of your price range.

Similarly, if you’re trying to get your home ready as soon as possible, intricate window treatments may not be an option. Certain materials won’t be as easy to find as others and if you want a special color for the blinds, you’re probably going to have to wait.

Make the Home of Your Dreams Come to Life

Are you leaning more towards simple window blinds than colored blinds that add a pop of color? Whatever kind of look you’re going for, it’s better to make your decisions sooner rather than later. This helps you start planning the various delivery and installation days of everything you’re buying.

From the light fixtures to the furniture setup to the window blinds, everything starts coming together little by little. The result? The home of your dreams right in front of you!

For help making all your design dreams come true, contact us today.

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