Top 7 Home Theater Design Trends of 2021

Home theater design with theater seating

As a responsible homeowner, you take measures to be mindful of renovations to your home. From design style to architecture, there are a lot of things you need to consider for every project.

Perhaps it is time that you and your family start the process of redesigning or renovating your home theater. You might have some ideas in my mind, but you are ready to do some research to really perfect your new home theater design.

The good news is that you have come to the right place by reading this article. For the year of 2021, there are many design trends that you should know about.

Compiled below are the top seven trends of the year for home theater designs. Then, you will be able to get started on creating the perfect entertainment space to match your lifestyle and living area space.

Smart Home Features

Welcome to the modern day and age where technology and the Internet seem to reign supreme over all. We all use technology multiple times every day, even just by using a cell phone or car.

As the capacity for technological assistance progresses over time, why not incorporate some of those features into your living areas? Smart homes are the perfect way to customize your living spaces for exactly what you use them for.

Trends indicate that smart home automation is becoming more and more popular. For your home theater design, this update would be perfect to make the entertainment systems work at an optimized level suited to you and your family’s needs.

Keep the Technology Simple

At the end of the day, it can be annoying to go through all of the remotes and cords and inputs an entertainment system could have. Obviously, you want to have all of the latest gadgets and content available to you. How do you manage the mess?

One method to declutter your home theater space is by minimizing the number of gadgets. Consider purchasing a universal remote.

One thing to consider is that streaming services have now surpassed DVDs in sales. Perhaps you don’t need a DVD player anymore as much as high-quality streaming technology.

Invest in Audio/Visual Equipment

For the gadgets you do need for your home theater, make sure you properly invest. Instead of buying tons of technology you might not even use, consider the minimalist perspective that continues to increase in popularity.

Take care of the fewer gadgets you really do need, and buy the right ones. That might make them more expensive, but know that you are not alone. Experts predict that by 2020, home theater audio systems will be a 28 billion dollar industry.

Voice Control Accessibility

Speaking of technology, why not make the most of what is available to consumers? you deserve to have the best home theater you can design.

You should think about how convenient voice control could be for that living space. No more stressing out over the location of the remote. All you would have to do is tell the television to pause.

Trends in this home theater feature continue to progress. By 2020, it is predicted that over 50% of all digital searches will be made use voice control automation. Clearly, this feature is something that will be around for a long time.

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Mobile Accessibility

If voice control seems like too complicated for you and your family, there is another trend in accessibility for home theaters. Since we all have smartphones, it is now possible to use them for most entertainment systems.

You would have to make sure that your specific entertainment system has the feature of a mobile app you can download. Only then would you be able to control your television from the comfort of your smartphone.

Environmentally Conscious Home Theater Design

These days, it is difficult to mention any kind of modern trends without considering their environmental impact. Responsible homeowners know that sustainability is important to maintain a sensible, productive household.

One way you could really ensure you are making the most of sustainable design is by installing solar panels. Since you are already renovating your home theater, you could easily invest in solar panels to attach to your entertainment system. This is a perfect way to save your electricity bill while also minimizing you and your family’s carbon footprint.

Interior Design

When it comes to home theater design, technology is not the only thing to perfect for you and your family’s living style. For this kind of entertainment, you need to be comfortable.

Renovating or designing the ultimate home theater means you need to have the best furniture to suit both the space and the size of your family. If you are looking to host a lot of gatherings within your home theater, it might be smart to invest in some nice large tables.

If this theater is just for you and your family, you might get away with only one coffee table or some side tables for snacks. For the rest of your space, do your research around the local area. You want to make sure and find the most comfortable, affordable lounging furniture to fit into your new entertainment space.

For kids and teenagers, you might look at getting some large bean bags. These are perfect for lounging on weekend nights, only to store them away throughout the week.

For decoration, you should still stick to the mentality of minimalism. The point of this living space is to focus on the entertainment system, so this is not the room for all of your fancy art. Instead, choose a neutral color paint scheme and drapes that can block out the sun from reflecting on the television screen.

Stay Updated

After reading through these tips in home theater design trends, make sure you continue to stay informed. You don’t want to miss out on all of the design features available and sensible to you.

We know how important your home’s living spaces are to you and your family. Stay connected and read our blog to stay updated on all of the modern design trends.

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