10 Must-Have Accessories You Need in a Home Theater

home theater room with home automation

Did you know that more than half of Americans prefer to watch their movies at home?

While there is something exciting about watching movies on the big screen, you can’t beat the comfort and convenience of a night in. With a home theater, you can get the best of both worlds.

If you want to recreate the cinema experience in your own home, you’ll need some top-of-the-line equipment. In this article, we’ll tell you which items you need for a great home theater.

Deck out Your Home Theater with These Cool Gadgets

You’ll need more than just a TV and a sound system. Read on to find out why.

1. A Popcorn Machine

A trip to the movies isn’t complete without a big bucket of popcorn. It’s arguably the best thing about the whole experience. You don’t have to miss out when you’re watching movies at home.

Microwave popcorn just isn’t the same, and store-bought bags don’t hit the spot. You need warm, freshly-made popcorn from a real machine.

If you want a classic popcorn machine just like the old days, try the Nostalgia Electrics Pop-O-Matic. All you have to do is throw in your kernels along with some oil, and you can make 10 cups of popcorn in a single batch.

It features two serving dispensers, so whether you like it sweet, salty, or a mixture of both, you can have it your way.

2. A Home Projector

A projector should be one of the first items on your home theater equipment list. In terms of quality, the JVC DLA-X5900 is your best bet.

The lens has motorized controls and a lens memory feature, which makes it much easier to set up than many other models. Any adjustments or realignments can be made at the touch of a button, so you don’t have to waste time fiddling with controls before enjoying your movie.

With HDR performance and 4K picture quality, you won’t be disappointed by the performance.

3. A Surround-Sound System

The sound system you choose will either make or break your cinematic experience.

The Elac Debut F5 speaker system provides the same sound quality as top-of-the-range speaker sets, but for half the price. For under $200, you get two floor-standing speakers, each with a tweeter and three woven-fiber woofers.

They provide deep bass without being too overpowering, and overall excellent sound quality. These speakers make a great addition to any home theater.

4. A Universal Remote

When you’re starting to rack up lots of different devices, it makes sense to sync them all to one universal remote.

Otherwise, you’ll have to use lots of separate ones to control your projector, sound system, lighting, and any other accessories you may have. Instead of keeping track of several different remotes, streamline the whole experience and get a universal one.

The Logitech Harmony Elite is one of the best on the market. You can use it from anywhere in your home, without having to have a device in your line of sight to control it.

It has a touchscreen and voice controls and can be set to automatically dim your lights when the movie starts and brighten them when it ends.

5. A Games Console

If you don’t make your home theater double up as a games room, you’re missing an opportunity.

Install some games consoles and play your favorite games on the big screen with incredible surround sound. It completely changes the gaming experience.

Whether you prefer Playstation, X-box, or the retro Super Nintendo NES Classic, a home theater will take your games to the next level.

6. Automatic Black-Out Curtains

If there’s too much natural or artificial light coming into the room, you can’t enjoy the same great picture quality. That’s why you need to install some black-out curtain or shades.

As well as blocking out light so you can watch movies at any time of day, they also provide the ambiance of a commercial theater. As an added bonus, they’ll provide extra insulation, making it easier to control the temperature in the room.

Motorized curtains, shades or blinds can be controlled using either your smartphone or your universal remote, so you don’t need to get out of your seat to open or close them. If you want, you can set them to automatically open at certain times of the day.

7. Wi-Fi Controlled Lighting

You can’t have iridescent lighting in your home theater. To give it an authentic feel and enjoy a quality cinema experience, you need something more sophisticated.

To have complete control over your lighting, install Philips Wi-Fi light bulbs. These bulbs can produce a range of different colors and lighting styles. You can even use them to recreate lighting scenes from photos.

They can be connected to a mobile app, making it easy to make adjustments throughout the movie if you need to.

8. Bass Seat Shakers

You can add an extra kick to your home theater with the Aura Bass Shaker System.

These shakers will attach to four seats, sending vibrations through them at intense moments during your movies. When there are explosions or fight scenes, you’ll get to feel them as well as seeing and hearing them.

9. A Luxury Lounge Seat

Enjoy optimum comfort during your movie with a luxury reclining seat.

Pulaski Home Theater Recliners have just about everything you need. As well as a drinks holder and a swivel table for snacks, there are USB ports to plug other devices into.

10. A Power Management System

After you’ve amassed all of the above devices, the last thing you need is a power management system to regulate them all.

This will extend the lifespan of all your devices, making sure they each receive a consistent and sufficient supply of power without interference. It also gives you enough ports to plug everything into one place.

The Panamax MX5102 home theater power manager has 10 outlets, automatic voltage monitoring, and linear noise filtration technology. At $699, it could be one of the most expensive items in your home cinema, but it’s worth it.

High-Tech Home Theaters

To make the most of your home theater, bring it all together with smart home technology.

These days, you no longer have to manually control all of your devices. Technology is transforming our home lives by allowing us to automate everything.

This doesn’t just apply to your entertainment. You can automate everything in your house, including lighting, heating, and security. Contact us to find out what home automation services can do for you.

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