Smart Bathroom Devices for a Better Routine

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Most of us have a bit of a haphazard self-care routine. We make commitments to be better brushers, better flossers, and change our diet. But when the rubber actually meets the road, many of us find that our habits fluctuate and don’t really stick that well. The bathroom is one of these places where our habits can rise and fall. What if there was a way to use smarter devices in the bathroom to build better routines?


Smart Mirrors

There are a few different kinds of smart mirrors on the market, all of them with a bunch of cool features. Kohler’s Verdera mirror has built in lights to maximize your facial care routine, and you can even talk to it to bring up the lights. The night light is motion activated, and the mirror even has speakers to get some tunes or podcasts rolling in the mornings. You can even connect to Alexa and get shopping and updates on travel.

The Philips Hue Adore is another model that you can use. It has a signature ring in the middle, reminding you of its intelligence and willingness to help. You can command things through the voice assistant. The ambient lights can be voice activity to get ready based on your mood.

There’s also the Savvy Smart mirror, which has been announced to be compatible with all kinds of cool android features. It has a motion sensor and voice capacities so that you can run screen casting, video calls, and get voice assistance. If you’re looking for a smart mirror based on pure capabilities, this is the mirror that will work the best. With Wifi connectivity, you can sync all your favorite android apps and run your games and to-do lists while getting ready in the morning.

Smart Speaker

How many good ideas have you had in the shower? Probably more than you can remember after you get out of the shower. The shower has a profound effect on the way that we process our world and our days, and it changes the way that we think about things. That means that in some sense, you really do have your best ideas in the shower. 

With a smart speaker that can link to a smart assistant, you can shout out to-do tasks and make notes of things that you’re thinking about. JBL is probably the best brand for smart speakers. They make great waterproof speakers that let you listen to jams and make notes at the same time.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets exist in the higher end of Kohler and lesser-known brands, for people that need a bit more out of the porcelain throne. Usually, features include things like cleansing technologies and UV lights to prevent mold from growing. The style is secondary to the awesome cleaning functions. Keeping your toilet clean without you having to do anything makes the smart toilet a great bathroom productivity companion.

Robo Vacs

While robo vacs are usually thought of as companions for the main living space, smaller models are perfect as bathroom-only crawlers. The bathroom is a place where dust and dirt and hair can all accumulate. Sweeping up is annoying, and spreads things around. Get a bot that keeps things clean more often than you’d be able to!

Smart Home Automation in Sarasota FL


Of course you want to save more water than you do. Many of us are dumping gallons of water out of our shower head, every single day. If you want to start conserving water, then having an accurate map of how much water you’re using in the bathroom is probably the first step. There are smart water monitors that you can hook up directly to your shower head that way your phone will track just how much water you’re using every single day. It’s a great way to get some data and start moving in a better direction. The app will even help you use less water by learning your patterns!

Waterpebble is a great device that can help you reduce water usage over time. While there are less stats, it does show you lights and colors to tell you to stop showering, helping you slowly reduce the length of your shower over time.


Smart Toothbrush

Most of us don’t brush our teeth for nearly as long as we should be brushing our teeth. Smart toothbrushes are a great way to change that. Interactive toothbrushes can link up to your smartphone, telling you when you’ve brushed your teeth and even sending reminders so that you remember to brush your teeth in the first place!

Smart Scale

Smart scales have been around for a while, but they keep getting smarter all the time. With a smart scale, you can begin to monitor your weight and make changes that actually count. Weighing yourself daily isn’t for everyone. For some people, it can even cause unhealthy choices. But for other people it can be just the nudge that you need to make the right changes in your life. Some smart scales can even track your muscle and bone mass so that you see how you’re working out!


Smart Lights

Showers should inspire. Getting ready should be a party. And with smart bulbs that come in a variety of different color combinations, you can have a great experience every time. You can even control the lights with your voice to make trips at night even easier. And in the daytime, set your mood by setting the lights.

Shower Controller

It’s great to conserve water. It’s also great to enjoy that shower as much as you possibly can. One of the struggles of a good shower is setting the water at a temperature that will be perfect, each and every time, as soon as you step into the shower. With a Google Assistant enabled shower controller, you can get the perfect temperature every time, all the way down to the very degree. You can even put the controller outside the shower to get things set before you step in, or inside the shower so that you can change it on the go. And the smartphone app allows you to get the shower good and ready before you even get out of bed!

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