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Window Treatments: Channeling Light to Channel Your Mood

Window Treatments: Channeling Light to Channel Your Mood Different styles of window treatments have different ways in which they influence the outside effects of light within your home. Choosing the right window treatment is not just a decision of style, but also one that can greatly affect your day-to-day emotional state of being. Light’s influence on

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Enhance the Beauty of the Room With Proper Window Treatments

As it is known that windows are the most noticeable part of a room. It is important that every person designing a room must give proper attention to windows also. Most of the interior designer’s mainly rely on the window to create an elegant look for the room. Thus, decorating the window will uplift the

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Prepping Windows for Winter

Heat conservation begins with our windows. Winter is coming on fast, temperatures are dropping, and we are turning our thermostats up. There is nothing quite as nice as a warm snuggly room on a cold winter’s day. But how much of that precious heat that we pay so much for is leaking out through our

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Tips for Dressing Tall Windows

Tips for Dressing Tall Windows

The amount of natural light supplied by tall windows alone is enough to sell you on having them in your home. But before you go seeking out super specific houses, keep in mind that house windows too need treatments. Privacy or decoration? Answering this can help determine the style you choose and eliminate designs that

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