Why Motorized Window Treatments Make Sense for Your Business

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The first things business owners think of when considering improvement is likely marketing or investing in good workers. These are great investments but there are areas worth looking into.

The value of a high-quality work environment cannot be overstated. The addition of motorized window treatments in an office can provide many benefits to staff and customers alike. This can lead to improved production and a positive impact on the bottom line.

Read further to discover the numerous ways commercial motorized window treatments make sense for your business. 

Natural Light is Healthy

There may be nothing worse than entering a workspace aglow with the blue hue of fluorescent lighting. The recent uptick in fluorescent bulb usage could prove damaging in the long run

While natural light is obviously better than other manufactured sources, the need to control it abounds in an office setting. It is vital to be able to draw the blinds or shades when presenting in a conference room or attending a virtual meeting. 

Motorized shades make it possible to quickly and attractively adjust the amount of natural light flowing into a room. 

Privacy, Efficiency, and Safety

There is a seen in the popular film Home Alone that depicts Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) operating cardboard cutouts to make it appear there are several adults in the house. He does this to deter a pair of dimwitted burglars who think the family is away on vacation.

Regular movements of window coverings act the same way. Homeowners frequently adjust their blinds or shades to make it appear that someone is home. This same practice can be beneficial in an office that is left empty. 

Motorized shades can be operated remotely

Operating shades remotely allows business owners to feel secure that their office appears to be occupied as usual. This feature can also be useful in the instance the shades were accidentally left open at the end of the day. 

Safety is not the only benefit offered by these unique window treatments. A surprising amount of heat builds up on windowpanes throughout the day. As this heat is transferred into the interior of your office, it strains air conditioning units into inefficiency. The ease of motorized shades makes it more likely that the windows will be covered in the heat of the day. 

Many office spaces feature beautiful windows that deserve to be open. However, there are times when a client, patient, or customer will require privacy. The quick operation of motorized shades makes it possible to draw the coverings quickly and open them again when the private moment is over. 

Convenient Operation

The large windows in many commercial spaces can create a daunting task when it comes time to open or close the blinds. It can be cumbersome and time consuming to deal with massive window treatments, increasing the likelihood that the windows will remain open or closed throughout the day.

Motorized window treatments can be controlled remotely, making a once arduous chore simple. The remote operation also prevents awkward moments of interrupting a meeting or having to ask a customer to move. 

Setting the Mood

Many reports suggest that the color of a space impacts mood. Studies have taken this idea one step further and point to color in an office affecting the productivity of workers in the space. 

There are motorized window treatments that allow you to choose the color being introduced to the office. Choose yellow for energy in a busy office or red for passion in an eatery. Stressful workplaces could use an infusion of blue, which is said to produce a calm feeling. 

Programmable Options

If it constantly slips your mind to draw or raise the window coverings, choose a motorized treatment that offers a programmable schedule. This can help increase efficiency by automatically raising or lowering the shades at a certain time. 

Reduce Exposure to the Sun

We mentioned the impact natural light can have on the energy efficiency of a space, but it can also cause problems for items in the room. Carpets, fabric furniture, and sensitive flooring can become faded with frequent exposure to the sun. 

UV rays are notoriously bad for your skin and limiting exposure to them is ideal. As the sun begins to shine directly into a window, a motorized shade simplifies drawing the blinds and increases the odds someone will actually do it. 

Harsh glare is also unhealthy for your clients and employees, making the ability to quickly control window treatments more important. Get the sun out of your eyes at the press of a button!

It is clear that motorized window treatments offer a variety of conveniences and benefits. As businesses look to invest in ways to increase productivity and please customers, an upgrade to the physical space should be considered.

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