What’s All the Fuss About Hunter Douglas Window Treatments?


Whether you are new to home ownership or a seasoned pro you’ve probably heard the name Hunter Douglas thrown around when it comes to decorating your home. And if you haven’t, you should’ve, here’s why. Hunter Douglas is one of the leading companies that design window treatments for homes.

Window treatments are essentially the add-ons to your window such as shades and blinds. They might not be something that necessarily comes to mind when you are contemplating how to set up your home, but window treatments are a lot more important than most people realize.

First of all, they frame nearly all sources of natural light that enter any given room in your home. Since they are taking up that much space of your interior it’s essential that they not only look good but that they are a useful addition to your home.

Setting the Tone for Your Home

But what exactly can a Hunter Douglas do for your home? Well for one, the window treatments can set the mood for your rooms. This is done in more ways than one. The more obvious when it comes to the use shades and blinds is how they impact the overall interior design of your house. Ensuring that they are the right color or pattern to complement the overall aesthetics of your living space is a great start to setting the right mood.

Complementary tones make your living space more inviting and comfortable. That’s not the extent of what a Hunter Douglas window treatment can do for your home however. The amount of light let in to your home through the blinds can be a huge indicator of the overall mood within your place. It’s not enough to make sure that they match the décor, they should also match the ambiance you’re trying to set.

For example, if you have a very open and modern style to your house you would probably want to go with a lighter colored shade that lets in a lot of natural light. But if your style is a little moodier and more romantic you would want to choose passionate colored shades and only have some natural light filtering so there is always a sense of dim lighting throughout your house.

Designs, Designs, and more Window Treatment Designs

There are various designs that go about achieving this feat. Sheers and shadings allow for you to moderate how much light is being let into your home by determining how much space is open between the individual pieces. Then, something as seemingly self-explainable as blinds are revolutionized by Hunter Douglas. The variety of blinds include vertical blinds that are made of various types of material and can be used as room dividers. There are also certain vertical blinds that mimic drapes to add a touch of regal-ness to your living area.

Your windows can also be covered in shutters which can come in different colors and styles. The darker the shutters are in color the darker the room will appear. However, the light can also be controlled by the degree to which the shutters are opened or closed. This rudimentary sounding design allows you to pick how much sunlight is let in to the room and most importantly at what angle.

There are also traditional blinds which can be just as charming and useful as any of the other more unique window treatment designs. One such unique window treatment design is pleated shades. Pleated shades cover the entirety of the window when they are closed and can come in various decorative patterns.

These are a fun alternative to the standard window treatment options. With the variety of designs available you are bound to be happy with the window treatment’s appearance and the lighting throughout your house.

Window Treatments that let you Live in Darkness

Or maybe you don’t want any lighting throughout your house at all. Hunter Douglas shades are so good at blocking light that if you so choose, the proper window treatment could give you the option to have a completely dark house. There are many scenarios in which someone would like to be able to block out any light entering their home.

One such reason being they work a night shift and are in desperate need of good sleep. While the rest of the world bustles on around the building, the Hunter Douglas window treatment would allow the individual to sleep peacefully as though it were the dead of night. Maybe you are an avid movie watcher and would appreciate the option to turn your living room into a movie theater in the middle of the day.

This would be a great situation for a light lock system, the window treatment system that allows this extreme level of darkness. This is truly an innovative mechanism that allows people to essentially have control over when they experience night time. It is also a perfect example of how a Hunter Douglas can help incorporate your life style and needs with the efficiency and capabilities of something one might overlook like window treatments.

Not only does it solve a problem for the countless people that work the night-shift and struggle to achieve total darkness but there are plenty of other creative use for light lock technology. One such use is installing it in a single room so that whenever the resident wants throughout the day they can be submerged in complete darkness; whether its for meditating, to better observe distinctly placed glow stickers, to develop pictures in a traditional way, etc.

The point is Hunter Douglas can get you complete seclusion from light, partial exposure to light, or maximum natural light depending on what your personal needs are.  So, between the revolutionary window treatment technology and the impressive array of colors and designs, it’s no wonder Hunter Douglas has stirred up quite a fuss.

If interested in having Hunter Douglas window treatments installed read more about them on either their page or contact BBD Lifestyle with inquiries.

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