What are Window Treatments?


If you wonder about window treatments and their types, you should read this article. We have mentioned the basics and things you must know so that you can also enhance your room’s beautiful appearance and add to its functionality. 

What Are Window Treatments?

A window treatment is a modification or treatment used over the exteriors or interiors of a window for both functional and decorative purposes. There are two types of these treatments: soft window treatment and hard window treatment. 

You can also place these on the windows, such as valances and moldings. On the other hand, some treatments also work best for the glass, including smart glass, frosted glass, and stained glass. If you are a bit confused about the idea of soft and hard treatments, read further to understand and implement them in your home sweet home. 

Hard Window Treatments

In simple words, hard treatment is anything that is factory-made, such as shades, blinds, and shutters. In addition to it, the purpose of the hard window treatment is all about functionality. These products perform different functions including, providing a total blackout for sleeping and keeping the light out of a room. 

This type of window treatment will help you control the light intensity in your house. It will also allow you to retain the cool and heat in your home. These treatments are considered a functional element of any house. Not to mention, they pay for themselves in a few years, as they make a great difference in air conditioning and heating bills due to the R-value. To make it clear, the R-value is an insulation term that measures the level of heat and cold that a hard treatment keeps in or out of your house. That being said, they are an excellent investment both functionally and financially. 

There are several hard treatments made with quite attractive materials and structure. They amplify the beauty of your room, despite the fact that many of these treatments have missing elements that you can get from the soft treatment. Here are some types of hard window treatments that you can opt for in your house.

  1. Window Shutters 

You can install them in the window frames, and they offer you horizontal slats that tilt down and up. They don’t move like the blinds, but you can fold them across the window. You can use them for several reasons, like controlling the amount of sunlight, providing privacy, and protecting your room from the weather. 

  1. Window Blinds 

These products allow you to tilt, close or open the window. You can see beautiful views from your windows without lifting the entire window shade. Window blinds have different types, including Venetian blinds, wood blinds, vertical blinds, etc. 

  1. Venetian Blinds

These blinds help you enhance the appearance of any space by creating a perfect ambiance with comfortable privacy and temperature. Besides that, these blinds offer you superior privacy, economical price, heat and light control, and much more.  

  1. Cellular Shades 

Honeycomb windows or cellular shades have double cell or single-cell fabrics. They give you different levels of light control, from blackout to light filtering. The fabric contains air pockets and helps create a barrier between the room and the window surface. This way you can keep your house warm in winters. 

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Soft Window Treatments

Soft window items are generally decorative in nature, except for the functional draperies that close and open to cover your entire sliding glass door or window. All the soft treatments will help your room get a finished look. These things add aesthetic warmth, texture, infusion of pigment and color, patterns in fabric, and sound absorption to the room. 

When it comes to soft treatment, you have several options for your house. Here are some things that you can install in your space. 

  1. Drapery Panels

You can say that these are the most popular types of treatment. These drapery panels can be completely stationary and decorative. They can also be functional and can close and open to provide light control and privacy. You also have many pleat styles to choose from. The most popular and demanding is the pinch pleat. They are vital for large windows, as they help you cover the complete floor-length drapes.  

  1. Draperies

You can use them to create a casual, elegant, and sophisticated look for your house. If you want a romantic ambiance, window treatments, and light control to protect your privacy, then these treatments with the fabric draperies and the right pattern will be perfect for your house. The best part is, you can use them in several spaces like arched windows or large windows. 

  1. Window Valance

Generally, valances are decorative and only cover the top of the window. They are great for covering the fabric and color of the window or a blond handrail. There are several types of valances, and you can install them at an affordable price. 

Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, window treatments help you give a pleasing and catchy look to your space and allow you to add more function to your doors or windows. You will get more control over the feel of your space when you use these treatments, especially hard window treatments. 

Additionally, you need to understand that not every treatment is best for your room. You need to consider the theme, style, ambiance, and type of window before opting for any of them. Make sure whatever you choose should add value to your space instead of bringing an ugly or cluttered look to your house.

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