Top 10 Stylish Window Treatment Ideas For Glass Sliding Doors

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Add some flair to your interiors with stylish and modernistic sliding glass doors. These open hinged doors allow natural light to enter your living space, thus making your room livelier and cheerful. Moreover, you can sit back and appreciate scenic views from your patio doors. 

However, finding elegant cover doors to accentuate your glass sliding doors’ beauty can be tricky. After all, window treatments for these are available in a wide variety of options. That said, if you’re in search of the perfect window treatment, it’s vital you locate ones that beautify your room without compromising functionality. 

While it can be challenging to find window treatments that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful, it’s not impossible. There are plenty of innovative and classy window treatments you can choose from.

Here we’ve made a list of the best window treatments that add style to your room without diminishing their purpose: 

1. Vertical Cellular Shades

A good option for covering glass sliding doors and patios, vertical cellular shades, looks similar to honeycomb shades. Here too, you’ll find the same honeycomb-shaped fabric construction. The difference, however, is that the pleats go from the bottom to the top.

Moreover, these window coverings come with temperature regulation features. It means that your room will stay cool during the summer and cozy throughout the cold weather. Besides this, you can choose from a wide variety of styles, opacities, and patterns. 

2. Honeycombs Shades

Honeycomb shades offer the best of both worlds by making sure your window covering is both stylish and functional. These energy-efficient shades fit perfectly well on large sliding glass doors. 

The honeycomb-shaped construction allows for excellent air-regulation alongside diffusing natural light. To customize the opacity levels and temperature-regulation, you may select either single, double, or triple-cell constructed honeycombs.

Not to mention, honeycomb shades feature a durable and luxe material. Additionally, you can find an extensive range of vibrant hues you’re sure to fall in love with.

3. Sliding Panels

Sliding panels are an excellent window treatment idea for those boasting wider windows. This window covers feature flat vertical panels that allows you to slide the cover open. On the other hand, you can slide it back to block sunlight and ensure bedroom privacy.

On top of all that, sliding panels are available in a plethora of materials and sizes. You will also find a wide variety of patterns and colors. 

4. Curtains

Sit comfortably on your sofa and bask in the warm sunlight pouring through the sliding glass. Enjoy a cozy and soothing ambiance by installing luxe curtains in your room. Allow gently-filtered light to enter your rooms by selecting a thinner fabric. Alternatively, a thick curtain or combining multiple curtains offers maximum privacy.

Other than this, you can benefit from their multiple unique prints, pastel, and eccentric colors, and pretty patterns to spot the one that matches your house’s decor. 

5. Draperies

If you’re looking to provide your room a soft effect, draperies may be the way to go.  Enjoy a wide range of opacities starting from a light-sheer to blackout. Moreover, you get an array of beautiful styles, textures, designs, and color options to choose from.

Fit drapes on a traverse curtain rod and appreciate the elegant look it offers your room. The best part? You can pair these with other window treatments to enjoy better light control and additional privacy.

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6. Faux Wood Blinds 

Spruce up your room with the latest trends by installing faux wood blinds on your glass sliding doors. These extremely sustainable, yet budget-friendly blinds can endure a good deal of beating. Besides, these shades are moisture-resistant. Thus, glass sliding doors in kitchens, bathrooms, and such can benefit from these innovative blinds.

Apart from having numerous incredible features, faux wood blinds are available in an array of stunning colors. 

7. Roman Shades

Offer your room a sleek look by opting for roman shades. The unique roman shades accentuate the classiness and efficiency of your glass sliding door. These super versatile window covers are energy-efficient, meaning your window gets an additional defense layer against the chilly winds. 

Moreover, these shades come with convenient configurations. Just raise the shades and watch as the pleats neatly stack up. Upon lowering, these shades offer an elegant yet sophisticated drape-like look. 

8. Shutter Panels

Coordinate with your room’s decor by finding the perfect shutter panel hue. Shutter panels utilize the amazing bypass and bi-folding styles, both of which are super durable. Besides this, shutter panels are energy efficient.

Getting this window treatment means you can reduce or increase sunlight levels entering your room. It is because shutter panels allow users to choose from an extensive range of opacities. You even get to choose from diverse colors, louver size, patterns, and so on by selecting shutter panels.

9. Woven Wood Shades

Ensure your room looks classy and voguish by getting your hands on woven wood shades. These sustainable shades combine revolutionary features with a stylish look. 

Featuring temperature-regulation alongside moisture resistance makes these shades a fantastic option for kitchen and restroom windows. Watch as your room soaks into warm sunlight during the day. 

Furthermore, these eco-friendly blinds utilize jute, woven grasses, or bamboo to fabricate long-lasting shades. Moreover, you can choose between a wide variety of soft fabrics and stunning prints. 

10. Sheer Vertical Shades

Sheer vertical shades are the perfect way to ensure a contemporary yet timeless look. A blend of sheer curtains with vertical blinds and sheer vertical shades comprises high-quality vinyl vanes with luxe-sheer fabric.

Tilt these shades accordingly to bathe your room in the soft, dawn light. Or pull them down to enjoy bedroom privacy. Moreover, go through multiple stunning designs, textures, and attractive colors to locate the one that complements your room’s decor. 

Final Thoughts 

Window treatments for glass sliding doors come in an extensive range. Plus, each boasts unique features and attractive colors. Thus, it’s best to know what your options are before making a final purchase.  

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