Roman Shade Installation: It Is Easier Than You Think!

roman shade installation in the kitchen

Are you considering buying Roman shades, but you find the installation process a bit daunting? 

Well, do not worry because it is easier than you believe. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to install Roman shades on your windows.

You must also remember some types of Roman shades may have a slight variation in their installation instructions; it depends on the shades and brand you choose. Thus, always make sure to check your Roman shades installation guide to know if the installation requires any additional consideration and steps. 

Removing the Packaging

First thing first – carefully remove your roman shade and all accompanying mounting parts from its packaging. Also, make sure to avoid discarding any parts accidentally. We also recommend you not to throw away the packaging until you have installed the shade, and they are operating to your satisfaction. 

Moreover, it would be best if you did not unfold the Roman shade yet. Why? Because the installation is easier with the shade securely folded. 

Recommended Tools

For the installation, you will need the following tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill that with a 1/8 inch drill bit

Hardware in the Package

The hardware provided within the packaging includes: 

  • Brackets
  • Short screws
  • Long screw

However, the number of screws and brackets will depend on your brand and type. 

Different Components of Your Roman Shade

A Roman shade typically includes an operative inner panel and a pleated outer panel; the headrail supports both panels. The headrail mounts to a window frame using two to three brackets (depending on your shade’s width) provided in the packaging.

The inner panel comes operatively connected to a spring-loaded roller found just below the shade’s headrail. You can adjust the spring’s tension via rotating a tension wheel found at the end of the roller. 

There is a handle attached to the bottom of the shade’s inner panel, and you can use it for adjusting the vertical height of the Roman shade as desired. 

You can secure the Roman shade within your window frame. In this scenario, your shade is going to be almost similar in width to the window frame. 


You can secure the shade to a surface outside your window frame area. 

Regardless of which of the above two you choose, you will use a window structure to secure the frame. For 44 inches wide shade, you will need two C-shaped brackets; anything longer and you will require three C-shaped brackets. 

The C-Shaped bracket effectively captures and holds the headrail portion of the Roman shade assembly against the window structure. 

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How to Mount the Roman Shade Bracket inside a Window?

This is a simple four-step process when it comes to mounting the brackets. 

Step # 1

You will need a tape measure to gauge the headrail’s length, i.e. (the width of your Roman shade). Now you will use this measurement to make two marks at the end of headrails – centered along the top of your window frame. 

Step # 2

Take a C-shaped bracket and hold it against the top of your window frame. If you wish the headrail must flush with the frame when installed, you must locate the front bracket about ½ inches from your front window frame’s edge. 

Also, ensure to mount each bracket within ½ inch of their respective “end of the headrail” mark. Hold your bracket straight and use a pencil to mark your frame through the two openings at the top of each bracket. 

Step # 3

To prevent any frame wood from splitting while you secure the screws, we recommend drilling the pilotholes at the marked locations for all brackets. 

You will need a power drill with a 1/8 inches drill bit and drill 1 inch deep holes at marked spots. 

Step # 4

Secure each shade bracket to the top of your window frame (on the two marked locations) using a screwdriver and the two long screws provided with the packaging. 

How to Mount the Roman Shade Bracket outside Your Window Frame?

Mounting a bracket outside your window frame is a four-step process. 

Step # 1

Measure the length of your headrail (the width of the Roman shade) using a tape measure. Now use this measurement to make two end marks at the end of headrails. Make sure these marks are in the center along the outer surface of your window frame. 

Step # 2

It is time to determine the height of the Roman shade’s headrail as per your desire. Place the headrail at the desired height and make markings adjacent to each “end of headrail” mark. 

Step # 3

Take a C-shaped bracket and hold it against your window frame’s outer surface – make sure to align it at the height mark you made earlier. Now move the bracket right or left until it is within ½ inch of the “end of rail” mark you made earlier. 

Hold the bracket straight in that location and use a pencil to mark the outer surface of your window frame. You will have to make marks through the openings located at the rear of each bracket. 

Step # 4

To prevent the wood of your frame from splitting while securing the screws, you must drill pilotholes at the previously marked locations of each bracket. You will need the power drill with a 1/8 inch drill bit for a 1-inch deep hole at each marked spot. 

Mounting the Headrail to the Installed Brackets

This is a fairly simple and a two-step process. 

Step # 1

Position your headrail in a way that it aligns with the two or three mounted brackets you installed earlier. 

Now simply push the headrail into the engagement provided at the open ends of each bracket. Make sure to keep the headrail centered between the installed brackets. If necessary, you can slide the headrail side to side for adjustment. 

Step # 2

Once you have adequately positioned the installed brackets, you can use the screwdriver and the provided short screws to secure the mounted headrail to the brackets at the end. (Third bracket if there is any)

Let the Professionals Do It

In case you find yourself struggling with following the instructions, you can always seek professional help to help take care of the entire process.

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