How to Add Privacy to Any Window Without Curtains or Blinds

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There are times when curtains or blinds would throw off the entire vibe of the room, and yet things feel really open. Luckily for the all the natural light and privacy enthusiasts (all of us!), there are plenty of room-specific ways to block off a little bit of the outside world while still maximizing the amount of light that you get in the room. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how to add privacy to any window without using curtains or blinds:

1. Privacy Screen

If the window in question is a bedroom window or a window into the living room, then the issue at hand may not be the fact that the whole window is exposed but simply that there is a view. You may be able to block the bed or view of the whole house by simply setting up an object in front of the window. Privacy screens are like the things that you’ve seen people change behind in old movies, the zig-zagging wooden structure that can be maneuvered around the room to just where you want it. If you get a privacy screen, you can actually set it up and then adjust it to right where you need it. Plus, old wooden ones or painted ones now look so old, vintage, and chic!

2. Hanging Object

Whether it is a sign, a chalkboard, or a painting, hanging an object from the top of the window can drastically reduce the visibility which is showing up in the room. Plus, just like a privacy screen, you can adjust the position of the object to cut off whatever view you want to be blocked. By hanging a picture or a chalkboard next to the window, you can create an overlapping design that brings out the piece without swallowing the window in a curtain. For example, if you hang a picture halfway on the wall and let it hang halfway over a corner or the side of a window, you can make the window blend into the wall without swallowing the natural light.

3. Plants

Plants love windows, and windows love plants. It’s a great match. You can get tall plants that grow up from the ceiling or you can let ivy drape down from the top of the window. Either way you will be obstructing the view into the room and adding dimension to the window without completely taking the light out of the situation. Plus, plants love the sunlight! If you need to find a way to get more blockage out of plants you can put shelves across the window that give you the chance to block more of the view.

4. Frosted Glass

If you have a smaller window, frosted glass works great. You may not want to put half a curtain up or fit tiny blinds onto a smaller window, but by frosting the glass you can keep a lot of the natural, indirect sunlight without giving people an easy view into your home. Frosted glass can either be done in more elaborate ways with texturing techniques, or you can buy some simple supplies from an arts and crafts store and do a DIY frosted glass situation.

5. Faux Stained Glass

Similar to the frosted glass, faux stained glass can block out some vision without blocking out the light. There are ways to simply attach material to the glass to give your window the style of stained glass without actually staining glass. Plus it is low commitment and can be removed whenever you get tired of it! Again, just a few supplies from an arts and crafts store can get you a great faux stained glass.

6. Macrame

Macrame is the threaded, twisted, artistic ropes that are generally a white color and can hang down on their own or be built to hold different things, like glass orbs full of plants. Macrame is pretty easy to learn but pretty tough to master, so it makes a great project for your window that needs a bit more privacy. All you have to do is buy a bunch of rope and you can get started! The great thing about macrame is that you have a lot of options. You could do a really thick covering or really thin strands, and you can even get plants into the mix!

7. Shelving

If the window isn’t too long, you can always install a couple of shelves that go across it. Shelves are great because you can then experiment with the right objects to give you the right amount of privacy. If you install shelving, you can put plants, books, bottles, or assorted objects onto them to block the light that comes in. Shelves can be made out of wood or even from some sort of glass themselves. Pairing glass shelves with a window will maximize the kind of light that is getting into the room while still obscuring the view.

8. Outdoor Shutters

Not all of your privacy moves have to be made from the inside! If you don’t want curtains and blinds on the inside of the window, you could install some sort of loose shutter to the outside to still give you some light while obscuring the view. Alternatively, you could plant a tree outside or get some ivy over the window from the outside. You aren’t limited to privacy solutions from the inside!

9. Alternative Window Panes

Your windows don’t have to have clear, easily visible glass panes. You can substitute the super sheek panes for something that is a bit more distressed. Scratched glass or imperfect, billowy glass can be a great touch of character to any room. It allows for the maximum amount of light while reducing visibility. It is also more creative than a frosting over the top. While people think of frosted or bubbling glass panes as primarily for the bathroom, you can also get something similar, but maybe not as drastic, for any room in the house.

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