Graber Window Blind For Every Style

Window blinds are of various types, materials, and sizes. All blinds have individual slats that users can adjust to move up and down. If vertical, the blinds can also be tilted from side to side which allows you to control the amount of light that enters the room.

For most blinds, a cord is located on one side of the blinds which allows users to adjust the amount of exposure. A rod is also located on the other side of the blinds which controls the position of the slats to allowing to either close or open them.

A typical window blind consists of several horizontal or vertical long slats of different types of hard materials, including wood, plastic or metal, which are held together by strings that pass through the blinds slats at each end. Blinds can be operated manually or with remote control by rotating them from an open position with slats spaced out or to a closed position where the slats overlap and obstruct most of the light.

Whether you are looking for natural beauty high-quality wood or the durable versatility of aluminum or vinyl, there is a solution for every environment, style, and budget.

According to GRABER, there are five different types of blinds.

Elite Wood Blinds

The beauty of wood blinds from sustainable resources adds rich warmth to any room. They are methodically crafted and painted with modern paints. Wood blinds adds natural insulation and character to homes. The wood blinds are dyed, painted and finished to highlight the natural characteristics of the wood.

Composite and Faux Wood Blinds

The advantage of composite or faux wood is that it they are easy to clean and minimize the heat radiating from real wood. These materials are also moisture resistant. These easy-to-clean curtains are designed to prevent deformation, discoloration, cracking and peeling, ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms or any other high humidity area.

Aluminum Blinds

Known for their ability to avoid dust, stains, and scratches, aluminum blinds stand out from other mini-blinds. The modern aluminum sensibility, also available in warmer textures and textures, provides maximum light control, legendary reliability, and affordability.

Vertical Blinds

Easy to use, durable, and available in a wide range of colors and materials, vertical blinds are an economical solution for reliable control of light for large windows and patio doors.

Vinyl Blinds

The lightest horizontal blind is also a versatile and stylish upgrade for accurate light control in any room. Vinyl slats are easy to clean, with two-inch slat and are available in a wide range of colors, textures and modern patterns for windows of all shapes and sizes.

Blind Features

Blinds are used to provide privacy and to limit the amount of natural light that enters the room. Window blinds are available in a multitude of colors and textures and to their  usefulness and versatility.

Blackout Blinds

Another popular feature available is the blackout blind. What makes the blackout blind different is the ability to block out all light. With this cloth, the external light is completely blocked by the blind. This is a popular feature that is used particularly in bedrooms, as well as in rooms where privacy is key.

Cordless Blinds

This is the most popular feature especially  in homes with young children, as there is no risk of injury from loose cable. With the cordless blinds, the cord is completely removed, allowing the window cover to be adjusted by a simply moving a lever, unlike the cable. By having a cordless blind, you add a sleeker, more stylish appearance to any room without adding additional worries to parents of small children.

Strategically and Aesthetically Controlling Blinds

With the added feature that allows blinds to be operated from either the top or bottom allows from more versatility and visual interest to any room. These systems provide more options for privacy and light exposure. The ability to operate blinds from either direction – lowering the top to raising the bottom – are particularly useful in rooms with many windows, as they can be individually adjusted to create interesting and visually appealing configurations.

Although the top and bottom blinds have a more complicated design, they are incredibly easy to install and maintain. Many varieties of blinds can be installed from top to bottom without a single screw.

Decorating with Blinds

Windows are an essential aspect as well as a noticeable feature on homes. If you plan to change the appearance of the home, windows are a good place to start. The use of blinds is the easiest, fastest, inexpensive way to add a fresh, colorful appeal to a dull looking house. Blinds come in a variety of styles and options when used with the right materials can provide more light and color to your home. Blinds not only improve the beauty of your home but also have countless benefits. Some of the reason to consider getting window blinds are:

Strength and durability

Compared to other window treatment, the blinds are more useful due to their robustness. Cloth curtains, for example, are easily damaged by water, which makes them very difficult to repair. As a result, blinds become more appropriate for areas that tend to have high humidity, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Most blinds have a waterproof seal so that water can be easily cleaned. This means that they are more resistant to the growth of molds that develop in high humidity conditions. Vertical blinds, for example, are easy to clean because gravity facilitates the removal of dirt and water.

Absolute privacy

One of the most important aspects of blinds is that they offer total privacy. Some blinds have a transparent cloth so that during the day it allows light in without sacrificing privacy. This transparent material allows for total security and privacy.

Minimizes sun damage

Constant sun exposure damages furniture as well as clothe. As the sun’s rays pass through the glass, they are amplified addition to it intensity. It also raising the room temperature. Extended direct contact with the sun’s rays can destroy the appearance of chairs, sofas and other upholstered furniture. The sun’s rays can be deflected, reduced or completely blocked by blinds. This can help prevent fading of your furniture and, as a result saving you money by not needing to replace those items.

Your health can also benefit from the use of blinds. Minimizing the amount of sunlight is important to reduce eye fatigue which is associated with migraines. Using blinds to control the amount of light exposure will allow for comfortable television view or reading without the sun’s clare.

Energy saving

Blinds can help you save energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill. By minimizing the amount of sunlight entering your rooms will can reduce the amount of heat that enters. In the summer, you can reduce the amount of energy your air conditioning system spends by maintaining the blinds in an almost closed position. In winter, the blinds can also be very useful, since they act as insulators, that is, they retain more heat during the cold season. This helps reduce heating and fuel costs.

Blinds add elegant without much cost

No doubt blinds add an elegant and rich element to the  look of any room. They are an affordable way to enhance the beauty of your house by adding color or texture to walls with the window treatment. Blinds are available in different prices, colors and designs. It’s relatively easy to find blinds that fit your style and window since they can be purchase at local markets at reasonable prices  and tailored to your budget. So, whether you want a modern or traditional decor, you’re able to find blinds for your home.

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