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Finding Window Treatments for Odd-shaped Windows

Not every window is a perfect little square or rectangle that you can just toss curtains or blinds over. Some window treatments are needed for the more interesting glazes and translucent crevices that show up in our homes. When it comes to odd-shaped windows and unexpected openings, creativity will be your ally. Fortune favors the

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Perfect Window Treatments for Every Room and the Whole House

Light is a big deal. IT helps warm our skin and regulate the way that our body understands time and sleep schedules. And since there’s a huge push in the home industry on designing for wellness and productivity, it makes sense that the push for window treatments will be to control the light at hand.

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Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas and Designs for 2020

Light is one of the most important architectural elements of any space. While redesigning the floors and ceilings can be really expensive, changing the treatment of the light in the space is one of the most cost-effective ways of changing the space as a whole with window treatments. Your bedroom has windows. The way that

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Using Hunter Douglas Window Treatments to Improve Your Home

Light is one of the most important aesthetic considerations for interior decorating. While electric light obsessions may have ruled the home decorating space for the 20th century, the 21st century has seen a return to roots with natural lighting and creative ways of lighting spaces without turning on the power. Hunter Douglas offers a number

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The Guide to Selecting Window Treatments

Look around your home. What do you see? Walls. Flooring. Maybe a built-in or two. For some reason, despite their prevalence, windows get forgotten in homeowners’ design plans. Many people become accustomed to ignoring window treatments in their young adult lives. Every apartment or townhouse you rented probably had those standard mini blinds and maybe

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5 Window Treatments That Offer Style and Efficiency

Window treatments comprise a major piece of the interior (and exterior) design puzzle. As something so important, you would think most homeowners would be knowledgeable about their options. Sadly, this is not always the case. There are five primary window treatments that are stylish and provide different benefits like efficiency, privacy, and safety. Use this

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motorized blinds for a home theater

Why Motorized Window Treatments Make Sense for Your Business

The first things business owners think of when considering improvement is likely marketing or investing in good workers. These are great investments but there are areas worth looking into. The value of a high-quality work environment cannot be overstated. The addition of motorized window treatments in an office can provide many benefits to staff and

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Popular Materials Used for Modern Window Treatments

Most people purchase window treatments with the idea that they will block and filter light, insulate the room, lower or eliminate UV ray intrusion, and protect their privacy. It is amazing that all this is accomplished with one product. There is a lot that goes into deciding which window treatment will feature all of these

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Commercial office Window Shades St Petersburg FL

Window Treatments and Shades for the Commercial Office

When you hear the words interior design, you might picture a beautiful southern plantation style home or an ultra-modern house with glass walls. Rarely does one think of the office or a place of business. It turns out that windows are a design feature in almost every building. They let in light, provide the security

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Don’t Forget the Window Treatments When Redesigning Your Kitchen

A kitchen redesign can be one of the most exciting, yet challenging, projects in your home. Choosing cabinetry, hardware, and appliances is an overwhelming process. Many people forget that the overall kitchen aesthetic is significantly impacted by the window treatments they choose. What good is a beautiful backsplash and the perfect farm sink when ugly

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