The Case for Wood Shutters in Your St. Pete FL Home


Faux wood and other composites have entered the window treatment marketplace. This is driving many designers and homeowners to look at these options over real wood shutters. 

Just because an item is new does not always make it best, right? There are some cases where only wood will do. At times, wood is just a better choice. Here are the top ten reasons real wood shutters are the way to go.

Real Wood Shutters Are Built to Last

They are immune to the bending and twisting experienced by some composite products. This allows wooden shutters to be made in almost any slat size. Composite shutters are often limited due to their tendency to bend.

Wood shutters do well with the harsh UV rays emitted by sunlight. They will resist fading over time and keep their beautiful wood look with some minor maintenance every now and then.

Window Treatment Options for Days

These type of shutters present a timeless look that complements almost every design scheme imaginable. While wood can look beautiful on its own, it offers flexibility that no other product can.

Stain it, glaze it, paint it, or distress it to match any design you have in mind. Wood shutters are receptive to customization, as well, with different sizes, widths, slats, and features to go along with them.

Size Is Not a Factor in Window Shutters

We mentioned earlier that the strength of wood plays a role in available slat sizes. Its strength allows it to cover any size window you need it to. You can scale wood shutters back to appropriately fit smaller windows.

Wood can also be cut into any shape. Arched and other unique window shapes are no big deal for wood shutters. Wood goes anywhere, anytime.

Wood Shutters Require Minimal Care

Most wood type of shutters, especially those indoors, require the same dusting that any other décor in your home does. Wood is strong enough to take a simple vacuum soft brush to. Adjust the slats and swipe side to side.

Wood shutters are far easier to clean than window treatments that need to be removed for cleaning. For a deeper clean, wipe them down with a soft cloth – no cleaning agents required! 

Wood Shutters Provide a Classic Look

Did you know wood shutters go back thousands of years? They made their popular modern debut in Europe and meandered across the Atlantic with the Spanish colonizers. 

The shutters were originally installed outside the home but have managed to make their way into interior design ideas. Southern homes are no longer the only ones sporting these sturdy, classic shutters.

Wood Shutters Are Safe in Any Room

Parents are all too familiar with the safety issues surrounding window treatments that use cords. Wood shutters eliminate the cords that pose a danger to children and small pets.

Some window treatments are notorious for requiring rods that can be easily pulled down by a little one playing near the window. They also collect dust and dirt, which can be an allergen to anyone that walks through a curtain or drapery.

Wood shutters do not have these problems and are simple to clean. Dust is far less likely to build up when cleaning is less of a hassle.

Wood Shutters Fit Tight and Offer Security for Homeowners

When it is time to call it a day, wood shutters offer a true blackout option. If you live on a busy street or around lots of lights, this feature can prove invaluable. Wood shutters can be cut to fit perfectly, ensuring not even a single unwanted ray of light gets through.

Wood shutters can also prevent people from peering into your windows. For those who have challenges with privacy, shutters can be stacked in tiers allowing the top to let light in and the bottom to prevent people from looking in.

Insulation for Many Purposes

Most hear the term insulation and think of energy efficiency. This is one aspect where wood shutters do a great job. Properly fitted window shutters can prevent heat and cool air from escaping through windows. They can also help keep the cold out in winter and the hot, humid air out in the summer. Keep the energy savings in mind when you budget for window treatments.

There are other types of insulation, including sound dampening. When large trucks pass by or overexuberant fans of music, wood shutters can help soften the amount of noise that makes it into your home.

The Power to Control Light

The sun is certainly important to the sustainability of life. It can also wreak havoc on some unexpected areas and items around your home. Have you ever considered how direct, or indirect sun is impacting your furniture, wood floors, or previous antiques? 

Wood shutters offer the ability to redirect light in a room. This can allow you to continue using natural light while protecting your valuables from sun damage. It is important to have an adjustable option, rather than just drawing or opening the shades.

Natural light is the best lighting option. It is easier on the eyes and has been proven to improve the moods of those in the room. Use wood shutters to control the light rather than eliminate it completely.

A Built-in Selling Point

If you ever sell your home, wood shutters are certainly a selling point. Realtors know the value of real wood and will point this out to prospective buyers. Their durability, energy efficiency, and beauty are all attractive to home buyers. 

It is rare to find a window treatment that holds resale value as wood shutters do. This, along with the other nine reasons above should be enough to convince you that they are a great option!

Contact us to discuss how shutters might improve the aesthetic, value, and efficiency of your home. There are plentiful options and certainly one that will fit any room you need.

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