8 Benefits of Roman Shades

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Every house needs the best window treatment that can meet the homeowner’s preferences and add to its aesthetic appeal and ambiance. Moreover, functionality is one of the most demanding features of these times. People have become more aware and give priority to functionality, no matter what they purchase.

Finding all of these advantages in a single-window treatment is quite challenging. But don’t worry. We have a solution to your problem, which are roman shades. The benefits of roman shades are many – you can get everything that you wish for by installing these shades in any space of your house, including the living room, dining room, bedroom, patio, and others. 

Wondering why they are a good option? If so, then you need to read this article to understand its advantages. 

Timeless and Flexible Style

You may be surprised to know that roman blinds have been in-demand for centuries. But yes, they are evolving with time in style and function. These blinds are classic and do not get in and out of the trend quickly. If you pick the right fabric, your roman blinds can live longer, more than you can imagine. 

You have a variety of options when it comes to its style and fabric that goes well with every type of home’s style and theme. From the minimalist or industrial to the country or shabby chic and traditional, you can install them in any house decor. 

Several Design Options

These shades are available in a range of design options. Each of them offers you a unique feel and look. Some of the most popular designs are borders, fascias, pipping, trimmings, and fabric combinations. You can find the shaped fascias at the bottom of these shades. The most common versions are zig zag and colonial. 

Zig zag looks excellent in the kid’s room and bathrooms. On the other hand, colonial styles are quite versatile and complement almost every type of décor. Border designs offer you innovative combinations of several fabrics to fit specific themes. Pipping and trim designs allow you to add a colorful touch to your window treatments. 

Window Insulation

Almost every type of window coverings can help you make your home energy-efficient. This is because they provide an additional layer of window insulation and block the sunlight that can negatively affect your home’s temperature. Some of these shades also come with energy-efficient fabric cells that help you control your room’s temperature level. 

This means you don’t have to compromise your preferences and the beautiful look of your space to save some dollars on your monthly energy bill. 

Light Control

This is another benefit of roman shades that you can control the amount of light inflow in your space. You can either block all light or allow some light to come in; the choice is yours. Furthermore, depending on the fabric, you can also completely blackout your room to fulfill your needs. This makes it perfect for every type of room in a house. 

As these blinds can control the amount of light, you can take advantage of it. You can open the blinds when you feel the need to feel warm and cozy. Conversely, you can close them fully when you want to make your atmosphere less hot. Hence, again, it proves to be an energy-saving product. 

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Affordable and Easy to Install

When it comes to interior decor items, the first thing that may come to your mind is the price. In that case, you don’t need to worry, as the roman shades are pretty affordable. Although they are not as cost-effective as curtains, they are cheaper than shutters and blinds. 

In addition to it, these roman shades are also easy to install. You don’t even need to hire an expert to get them installed on your windows. This way, you can save some dollars, eventually giving you an affordable solution for windows. 

Easily Customized

Another benefit of the roman shades is that they let you choose the color, design, shape, texture, size, material, and functionality. Roman shades complement your lifestyle and taste and sync with the rest of the house’s ambiance and decor. Customization also helps you fit these shades in your windows for maximum coverage, privacy, and protection. 

Whether you are looking for a replacement for the existing one or a new window treatment, these shades are an excellent option for you. 

Safety Considerations

Traditional roman blinds come with a series of cords, rings, and dowel cords. The cords create loops when you pull them away from the shade. This action will create a strangulation hazard for pets and children. 

They are also great for preventing dust and debris from entering your house through windows. This way, your house also remains clean and tidy. These shades are ideal for people who have dust allergies, as they don’t let dust in their house. 

Suitable for Tight Spaces

These blinds are a perfect solution for rooms that look bulky with curtains, as it also hurts the style of the furniture. They are great to create a cozy and beautiful ambiance, especially for the rooms that are in great need of window treatments. 

For instance, if you install curtains in the living area or small bedroom, they mostly cover half of the window frames. It makes the room even smaller and ruins the aesthetics. On the other hand, you can fold the roman blinds to get a neat and contemporary appearance. This is because they don’t cover any side of the window –hence, making your house look more spacious. 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, roman shades are a complete package for any type of house style or décor. Looking at the many benefits of roman shades mentioned above, you can understand that these are the trendiest, ever-living, and highly functional window treatments you can opt for. Not to mention, if you don’t have a deep understanding of the interior designs but want to pick an option that seamlessly blends with your interior without much effort, you need to pick roman shades for your house

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