A Home Theater Primer For You

home theater with surround sound

Going out to a movie continues to get more expensive even with the reduction of home theater costs. Combined with the comfort and relaxation sitting at home on the couch provides, there has never been a better time to consider upgrading your viewing experience.

The term home theater causes many to imagine a disturbing picture of wires, speakers, and dollar signs. This may have been the case years ago, but the installation has never been as simple and economical as it is today.

Another common misconception about home theaters is that they must be the custom-built monstrosities that are seen on MTV Cribs or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Of course, having a stadium seating room with a massive projector screen and a sound system that puts your favorite local karaoke spot to shame would be nice! The point is, your system can be as simple as your TV with some great sound. 

What Does a Reasonable Home Theater Look Like?

If you do not have any indication that you might hit the lottery anytime soon, you can still build a legit home theater in any space at home. Let’s walk through a quick idea of what your system could look like on a reasonable budget.

Start with a quality screen. The price of screens up to 55-inches has dropped dramatically in the last few years. Even the LCD, Ultra HD, and OLED screens are becoming affordable. Video projection is more expensive but not impossible to obtain at this point.

The next consideration should be what you want to display. If the myriad streaming platforms are enough, then consider a Smart TV when you purchase your home theater screen. If a Smart TV is not an option, there are plenty of inexpensive streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, etc. DVD and Blu-ray players can be procured for low costs with many featuring smart capability, as well.

Streaming media is great for home theaters because it can offer television programming, almost every movie ever made, and music. Speaking of music, a good sound system is another key component of a home theater.

Wireless technology and compatibility with most televisions make setting up home theater sound systems a breeze. Most systems are truly “plug and play”, making getting your theater set up a far less daunting task than it once was.

Setting Your Home Theater Apart

If you ask most homeowners with a home theater what they wish they could add, they would answer, “one remote.” Many home theaters feature a separate remote for the TV, sound system, player, and lighting. This can lead to frustration and an unclean design.

Get a universal remote that can operate every device involved in your home theater experience. This will set your theater apart from everyone else’s on the block. Many of these remotes are touchscreen devices that can be synced to any screen, sound system, or lighting control in your home. Some can be linked to your smart home technologies for even more universal control. 

Take it a step further and use the new voice-controlled technologies like Alexa or Google Assistant. Convenient control of your home theater will make your experience even more enjoyable. 


The point of a home theater system is to provide you with a premium viewing experience in the comfort of your home. This includes having great sound and a plethora of media to watch. 

Movies are leaving exclusive theater releases or shortening the time ahead of broadcast release significantly. This makes it possible to watch even the newest movies at home. The time to create your own system is now!

Setting up your home theater is easy for those confident in DIY projects. However, there are plenty of places that offer consultation and installation for those who feel overwhelmed.

Just remember that a home theater can be as simple as a great TV and good sound. Add in the easy access to hundreds of shows and movies with streaming platforms for the best experience. Stop thinking of giant rooms in mansions and realize your theater dreams today!

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