Weird and Quirky Smart Home Automation Devices

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Not every smart home automation device has a straight line from what it is to what you can use it to do for your life. And sometimes, the weirdest smart home automation devices in St. Petersburg FL are the ones that can make your life interesting. And sometimes, making your life more interesting leads to wildly creative new possibilities and more fun.

So let’s check out some weird and quirky smart home automation devices. Because sometimes if you already know exactly what you’d do with it, it isn’t that interesting.

1. Smart Fork

Yes, what if your fork collected data on your eating habits. Not only can you save plastic by bringing your own reusable fork, you can collect information about the way that you eat. It’s explicitly advertised for a few interesting things: you can watch the arc of how often you lift food to your mouth so you can learn about your eating speed for portion control. But you can use the data to eat slower, lose weight, or change your eating habits.

2. Smart Salt Dispenser

You definitely don’t need a smart salt dispenser, but it is pretty cool. It hooks up to smart hubs, like Alexa, so that you can control the precise measurements of salt. If you’re cooking, you can tell Alexa to dispense a half-teaspoon of salt and your SMALT will dispense exactly that amount. You can also use it as a center piece on a table. It has mood lighting and a built in bluetooth speaker to play tunes from your phone.

3. Smart Water Sensor

While these are explicitly built to sense for floods, you could use it for pretty much anything. But really, it’s helpful to have these sensors placed in key areas, like the laundry room and the kitchen, to make sure that everything stays dry.

4. Smart Pet Feeder

Remembering to pull down the pet food every single day is annoying. If you’re using dry kibble for your dog or your cat, the best way to keep them fed is with a smart feeder. Some of these simply dispense an automatic amount of food each day, whenever you set it to. Other smart pet feeders can sense how much food has gone into the bowl (by weight) and then how much your pet has eaten, and when, so that you can track your pet’s health.

5. Smart Egg Tray

We’ve all stared at a tray of eggs in the fridge and wondered whether or not those pearly white orbs are still healthy or not. We’ve also all wandered around a store and made our grocery purchases, only to forget that we have 2 eggs left. And now we have to choose between making breakfast and baking that cake… With a smart egg tray, you can check to see how many eggs are left in the fridge and if those eggs are still good, all on your phone. You’ll always remember to grab eggs again, and you’ll always know when those eggs are good.

6. Brita’s Infinity

We’ve all had one of those wonderful little Brita filters in our refrigerator. And also, we’ve all watched as the Brita has a filter that goes from green to red. We should’ve replaced the filter, but we don’t. We forget about it and don’t want to look it up. And we’ll definitely never remember while in a store. So Brita teamed up with Amazon to solve the problem. When you get a Brita Infinity, the water system will automatically order you a new filter for a few bucks that will get shipped to your address through the door dash system. Yep, that means your water pitcher will order you a new filter when it senses that it needs one. That’s awesome.

7. Smart Stethoscope

Yeah, you can score a smart stethoscope that lets you monitor your heartbeat directly from your house! You don’t even need the training of medical school to place it on your chest and get your heart reading. All the data is sent to an easy to read app that interprets it for you, right on your phone.

8. CounterCrop (Smart Gardening)

Gardening should not be as hard as it is. And you shouldn’t have to google things about sunlight and water. Now, with CounterCrop, there’s a smarter way to grow veggies directly in your kitchen. It has a built in light so you don’t have to worry about getting your indoor plants sunlight. And it has a watering system so you don’t have to dump cups over the top. Plus, all the veggies can grow soil free in the pods. It’s the easiest way to grow fresh food, right in your own home. You can use the remote control to water and give sunlight, even while you’re on vacation. 

9. Smart Flossing

We should all floss more, and Flosstime helps us do that. It’s a simple, sleek white disc that attaches to the mirror in your bathroom and dispenses the perfect amount of floss with a simple touch of the button. The system is brilliant. By putting the floss in plain sight, though with an elegant design, the smart flosser reminds you to floss. By dispensing the right amount, it makes flossing easy.

10. Lovebox

If you want a great, secretive, and oh so romantic way to send and receive messages with a romantic partner–Lovebox is perfect. Lovebox is a small box that you and your romantic partner can both get and set on your desk, in your room, or in a secret spot. You can download the Lovebox app and use it to draw and send messages to the box of your partner. When you get a message, the lid lifts up and the heart spins to let you know that it’s waiting for you. When the other person receives your message, your heart on your Lovebox spins. It’s great for families, romantic partners, and siblings! A super romantic solution to messaging. Lovebox also features a great design, which makes you want to display it proudly.

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