Smart Lights: 10 Ways that Smarter Lighting Changes Your Whole Home Experience

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Lights affect a lot about the way that we perceive the world. They set the mood, change the way that we interact with people, and allow us to adjust to new environments. You expect different things from houses that have intense lighting and houses that have gentle lighting.

Thinking about upgrading to smart lighting? There’s nine great reasons that a light upgrade will affect a lot more than just your lights.

How Smart Lighting Changes Your Home

1. Lower Energy

Smart lighting is usually made from LED, which consumes less energy than more traditional bulb types. Additionally, smart lighting can turn itself off with the touch of a single button on your smartphone app. Using geo-fencing, your smart home can intuit when you and your family are home or away, and it can use that data to make smarter decisions about what lights should be on and off. 

2. Long-lasting

Smart lights last a lot longer than regular light bulbs. LED lighting is simply better, so they last longer. But also smart lighting is easier to turn on and off, and can help you turn off lights quicker than you would on your own. These energy saving features are also light saving features that extend the lifespan of your bulbs.

3. Security

Coming home to a dark house isn’t fun. Especially after a trip, you’d be forgiven for the cortisol spikes that occur as you wander around the house and flick lights on and off. With smart lighting, you can easily set up a secure light schedule that flicks bulbs on and off to give the impression that you’re home, even when you’re gone for days at a time. Additionally, you can set up a single button that flicks a few different lights on as you arrive home. You never have to walk into a dark house again.

4. Lights and Sound

Smart bulbs have more than just colorful options and secure features—some of them also have speakers built in. Yep, your smart lighting system can also act as a whole home audio system that can sync up to your phone to play music through a Bluetooth connection. The lights can also pulse and move to the music, perfect for creating entertainment spaces that excite.

5. Colorful Options

Buying a blue or red bulb doesn’t make a lot of sense for most homes. You probably don’t want your house to feel like a college dorm room! Still, there are times where it would be nice to have a bit of color, like when you’re entertaining or having an impromptu dance party with the family. In any case, smart lighting allows you to have the option to turn your bulbs colorful without committing you to something drastic.

6. Better Wakeup Routines in the Mornings

The way you start your morning affects your productivity for the whole day. If you want to have great days, you need a boost out of the gate in the mornings. Smart lighting can be a part of a smarter morning routine! No more reaching for lamps or overhead lights. Slowly dim and brighten the lights in your room and bathroom to coax yourself out of bed in the mornings. It’s the best way to start that routine!

7. Better Sleep Schedules

Our bodies respond to the light around them. It defines our sleep patterns and schedules. If you flood your attention with light and noise before bed, it will be harder for your body to cruise down into a comfortable resting state. Smart lighting can help, by automatically reducing the blue light you’re exposed to, and by automatically dimming lights over time to prepare your body for sleep.

8. Entertainment

Light sets the mood. It sets our expectations for what could happen in a space. The harsh lighting of a fast food shop sets a very different mood than the soft glow of a restaurant. And the delicate balance of a coffee shop encourages both productivity and conversation, simultaneously. Businesses and retail use professional lighting models to give you exactly the right kind of experience that makes you buy those new pants or keeps you coming back for the vibes and the food.

Your house can use the same strategies to create entertainment spaces that are awesome. A touch of color here, a dimmer light there, and you’ll be creating professional spaces that inspire conversation and memoires. Lighting changes everything. And with total control and a single button to set the mood, you’ll be entertaining in new ways.

9. Focus and Work

Doing work at home is a tricky ordeal. It’s easy to get distracted by all the entertainment options. Most of our homes are optimized for comfort and entertainment, and not work and productivity. But changes in lighting can help us move in that direction. Use brighter lights for the more productive moments and dimmer lights for entertainment, and your mind will start to associate one set of lights with a specific mood. You’ll be able to get your brain into focus mode just by adjusting the lights. Plus, you can adjust the coloration and brightness to inspire yourself in new ways!

10. Convenience

All those great perks and we didn’t even mention one of the main reasons that people decide to switch to smart lighting! Smart lighting can connect to an app, conveniently, to allow you to control everything from a single screen on your smartphone. It’s the easiest way to turn lights off and on as you dash around the house, there and back again.

With a smart home app, you can easily control every single light from your phone so that you’ll never have to walk to a light switch again. With motion detection, lights come on and off as you enter and exit rooms. With geo-fencing, your phone tells all your smart lights where you are so that they dim and raise to meet you.

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