Savant Home Automation System: The Complete Guide

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Savant pitches their services as “premium, smart home systems personalized for the way you live.” And that about sums it up. Savant’s systems are intuitive and elegant, giving you all the smarthome capabilities that you would expect and demand with none of the gimmicks that you wouldn’t.

Savant Review

“Smart” has become a buzzword in marketing and products. You don’t just want a phone, you want a smartphone. And cars, refrigerators, and shoes should be smart as well. That’s why it’s refreshing to see a smart home integration company take the word seriously. Savant doesn’t trade on smoke and mirrors. They lead with human-first design which asks great questions before just selling answers that none of us really needed.

Savant’s mission is to provide a single app for your whole home. You should be able to control everything from lighting to entertainment on a single app. Plus, they know that customization and personalization are going to be critical value-propositions for their higher-end target audience. So the Savant system works with home theaters, pools, and your most advanced features. 

Plus, the system offers “scenes,” which are pre-programmed sets of commands that automatically position the shades, lights, pool lights, music, and anything else you’ve connected to the central system.

Remote Controls

Savant has a lot of selling points, but the personalized profiles that you can create for people is one of the top ones. You may have a lot of different people who need access to your home—kids, babysitters, housekeepers, friends, relatives. It might be convenient for each of them to have their own settings. 

For example, you don’t need all your friends to have control over all the locks in your house. You may not want them to have control over the lighting! But with Savant, you can assign specific controls to your friends. That one friend can control the playlist because she’s got great taste in music, while your other friend should never DJ….

Savant Solutions

Here’s what makes Savant great:

Modern Shades

The sun hits your house in different places 365 days a year. The seasons change, and the ideal times to have your shades drawn and opened change. What if you had a smart home system which could fully automate all of your shades? Automated shades allow you to set the ideal schedule to maximize natural lighting and temperature.

Entry and Locks

Savant’s systems can control all the locks and entry points for your house. Lock the garage and the gate with a single push. Open the front door once you verify that you know the person standing there. Use the Savant app to communicate with people who come to your door. Say hi, give them some instructions, or allow them access.

There’s no reason that you should have to manually walk around your home to see if everything is locked! Smart locks with the Savant system prevent this extra step and give you peace of mind, even when you’re lying in bed. Use the app to lock it down. Don’t worry about getting up!

Whole Home Audio

Savant partners with Artison to provide their whole home audio speaker solution. You can control everything from the Savant app, in every single room. Plus, Savant hooks up to your existing audio solutions, like Spotify. 

Savant speakers aren’t just a mesh system that all communicates. They actually also build speakers that are built into the walls. Create an incredible audio experience, all without visible speakers. Architectural speaker lines can be built into stud bays, indoors and outdoors, for ideal surround sound.

Smart Thermostats

The Savant Multistat, as it’s called, allows you to change the climate of your entire home from a single device. The multistate shows your temperature inside and outside, and even connects to your local weather service to show you the forecast. Plus, you can set the temperature based on the time of day and day of week so that your house perfectly adjusts to your routines.


Smart systems have great entertainment systems, because everything connects seamlessly. Savant believes you have a huge TV and thinks that you should be able to creatively use it. Want to play video games and stream sports at the same time? No problem. Want to watch the news and your favorite sitcom at the same time? Just split the screen. You can follow multiple sources at the same time with Savant’s proprietary video solutions. 

Savant Moods

One of the main selling points of the Savant system are “moods.” Moods are preset combinations of settings across your smart home that allow you to easily change a collection of things with a single touch. You could create a “goodnight” mood, for instance, that automatically closes all the shades, turns off the entertainment and music, and dims the lights. Here are some examples of the moods that you can create:


Time the heater so that your house slowly warms to greet you. As your alarm goes off, the shades in your bedroom slowly lift to reveal some natural sunlight. Music fades in, from a playlist that you currently love. Around the house, the shades begin to lift as well. Lights come on in the bathroom and kitchen.


Rushing home from work and need to instantly create good vibes? Create an entertainment mood which fires up the whole home audio system with a party-ready playlist. The lights come on and dim a bit. When guests come up to the door, verify them from your phone and then let them in with a personal greeting. Plus, control the pool and home theater system from your phone during the evening!


Savant can help you become productive and finish a huge project for work. Turn off the entertainment and turn up the instrumental music with a single touch. The lights come on, the house cools down to keep you alert, and you zero in on your next career move.


Ready to get to bed? Lock every entry-point with a single touch, and watch as all the shades drop to match it. Turn off lights everywhere in the house except for your bedroom and bathroom.

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