Lutron Smart Home Systems: Improving Your Light Improves Your Life

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Small changes make a big difference over time. Freeing up a little extra time in your day or making simple improvements to the way that you do things will pay out exponential benefits which are multiplied over time. Free up an hour in one week, and that extra hour can contribute to your overall lifestyle and place in life by paying dividends in time, energy, and stress levels in future weeks.

Life is all about making the little changes and improvements that have big impacts over time. Setting up a Lutron smart home automation system is one way that big changes and improvements can be made. A smart home system lets you control the way that your lights, shades, and other home systems work–all from your phone. This means less movement and more efficiency from your day. It’s easier to position lights and shades to keep your relaxation or work at its peak performance.

Control Your Lighting

Easily control up to 200 lights in your home with the Lutron app. There are so many ways that lighting affects our lives, ways that we don’t often even think of. The power to control all those lights at once is the power to control energy levels, mood, morning and evening routines, safety, ease of access, and leaving the house.

Energy Levels

Our bodies thrive on certain rhythms that they get into. Our bodies use an internal clock to keep those rhythms stable so that we can have energy when we need energy and fall asleep when we need to fall asleep. But in addition to those things, our bodies also use the amount of light in our surroundings as context clues for those energy levels. A lot of light tells our body that it is the afternoon and time to be at high alert. A little light says that we’re in the morning or evening, and it’s time to gear up for the day or wind down for the evening. Low light tells us that it’s time to rest and sleep, gathering strength for the next day.

Using Lutron’s automated light controls and being able to set the ambience with the touch of a button allows you to easily experiment with different amounts of light so that you can have the perfect amount of light for the energy level that you need. Find your sweet spots and the amount of light that makes you feel best by trying out different settings and noticing how they make you feel.

Leaving the House

What if the mad dash out the door each morning could be a little less mad? With the touch of a button on your phone, you can turn your lights off as you leave (or in the car, out the door). No scrambling around rooms to find all the lights, and definitely no unlocking the door to run back inside to turn off the bathroom light. Everything goes dark at once to conserve your time and your house’s energy.

Mood and Vibes

We all know that mood lighting can go a long way to making a date feel extra romantic. The truth is, all the lighting in our lives is “mood lighting,” it just always comes with different moods. Brighter light encourages efficiency, happiness, and energy. Dimmer, warmer lighting will help you relax, conserve energy, and find peace and stability. Finding the right balances of those lights, and the many other moods that lighting can carry with it, helps us achieve balance in our lives and be successful, peaceful, and fulfilled. A smart home system like Lutron can easily help you switch between moods and maintain the right kind of lighting in your home.


Getting home to a dark house late at night can feel a bit unsafe. With a smart home system, you can turn on all the relevant lights before you even get out of your car. That way, you can ensure that everything is just as safe and peaceful as you left it in the morning. Turning on the lights will make sure that the place is empty and make you feel secure and confident about walking through the door and flopping down on your bed.

Morning and Evening Routines

If we could make our morning and evening routines more efficient and a little bit happier, we could get more hours in the day and drastically improve our quality of life. Most people would agree with this statement. How can we make our morning routine a bit better? What if the right lights came on at the right levels each morning. Not to mention the blinds that automatically open to let a bit of morning light into the room. In the evening, climb into bed and control all the lights in your house with the remote. Turn on the dimmers so that you can grab a few pages of that dog-eared mystery novel before you find sweet sleep for the night.

Dynamic Settings

Ideally, the artificial light in your home is a nice teammate to the daylight that streams in from outside. With sunlight sensors, your home can always know exactly how much light that it’s getting from outside so that it can project internal light accordingly to counterbalance the situation.

Experiment with different levels of light in order to find your sweet spots. We experiment with our diets, relationships, and routines in order to maximize our happiness and our lifestyle. We should also be experimenting with our light! Set the blinds to specific levels, try out different interactions of artificial and natural light, and test run new light-based wake up routines. A smart home system gets you the most out of your light.

Voice Activation

So many times we’ve got stuff on our hands–in the middle of cooking, applying makeup, or putting on the face mask for the night. Getting oil on your phone or light switches is gross. With the voice activation of a smart home, you can turn on the lights without touching anything. Also, if you wake up in the night or need to find your phone when it’s dark, just turn the lights on with your voice.

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