11 Smart Kitchen and Cooking Home Automations

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Cooking is getting smarter. People are demanding that food become more about wellness, nutrition, and fuel. We want our food to work for us and not against us. In that race for greater wellness and nutrition from the things that we put into bodies, smart devices emerge as a way of making sure that our health routines are maximized. How can we make healthier food choices using smarter home devices? That’s what we’re exploring in this post…the smart kitchen.

1. Trash Can Sensor

In the heat of the moment, while you’re flying around the kitchen trying to prepare multiple parts of a meal, your grocery list is probably not at the front of your mind. With a smart shopping trash can sensor, you can scan items as you throw them away, that way your list gets automatically updated based upon what you throw away.

2. Smart Scale

Scaling and adjusting recipes can be really annoying. And for everyone who still thinks that cooking is more of an art than a science–it’s definitely a science. That means that you’ll need to scale recipes pretty precisely in situations where you want to deviate from the recommendations. Smart kitchen scales can actually connect to your phone and perform automatic adjustments to recipes by changing ingredients and amounts.

3. Smart Blender

Most of us already use the blender as a hack to get lots of healthy foods into our body with a simple push of a button. Eating all that kale and spinach is exhausting, but putting it into a creamy drink makes the medicine go down easier. If you want to turn nutrition into even more of a game than it already is, check out a smart blender that connects to your phone. With a smart blender app, you’ll be able to easily track your nutrition and add things to your grocery list. You’ll be able to track your smoothie making over time until you build the perfect potion to keep you motivated and productive all day.

4. Smart Toaster

Admit it, you’ve never really mastered the use of a 2-slice toaster. Things always come out a bit like warm bread, or are too burnt to really function. Since toast often pops up in recipes for other things, like tasty eggs benedict or avocado toast, a perfect golden brown slice is more important than ever. With a smart kitchen toaster, your bread gets toasted perfectly. The machine can sense exactly what you put in it and can time cooking to a perfect level. The images on the touchscreen even make it easy to see exactly what your toast is going to look like on the other side!

5. Smart Coffee Maker

Waking up strong in the morning is all about getting enough sleep, building strong routines, and having something to look forward to. Investing in a smart coffee maker gives you soething to look forward to that keeps you moving even when you’re sleepy and it’s early! Smart coffee makers can go off with an app or voice activation, letting you brew that perfect cup before your feet even hit the floor.

6. Smart Fry Pan

It’s really easy to mess up meat in a fry pan. How about a smart kitchen device that can actively train you how to be better with your cooking skills? With a smart fry pan, you’ll know exactly what temperature you’re at and the pan will adjust to how the cooking process is unfolding. It’s a great way to learn cooking, or just to get a perfect steak every time with minimal effort. 

7. Alexa Microwave by GE

How great would it be to have a microwave that you can control with your voice? With GE’s smart microwave, you can control everything with Alexa so that you can cancel, extend, and stop the time whenever you need to. It’s really easy to add time and let things cool. Plus, you can make Alexa stop the annoying beeping that other microwaves seem to love.

8. Smart Fridge

We’ve all over or under purchased something perishable because we couldn’t remember how much of that item was in the fridge. With a smart fridge, you can just pull up the camera in real time at the store and see how many eggs you have left. Do you have one or two milk cartons? How much cheese is left? You’ll be shopping a bit smarter with a smarter fridge.

9. Thermometer

Smart thermometers can send data to your phone and give you more precise readings on how done your meat actually is. Great for cooking the perfect chicken to a healthy temperature without actually overcooking it.

10. Cocktail Scale

Building the perfect beverage is not easy. While you can adjust the spices in the meat a little bit without throwing things off, changing what goings into the cocktail will really change the flavor. A smart cocktail scale not only makes sure that you make things perfectly, it also inspires you with new recipes. The machine has hundreds of recipes, but you can also upload your own. If you begin pouring the ingredients into the glass and you get it perfect, you’ll get a really cool ding. But here’s the really cool part–if you use too much or too little of your ingredients, the scale automatically recalculates how much of the other ingredients you put into the glass.

11. June Oven

June ovens are multifunctional machines that let you do a lot of things with the same device. It has an internal camera that automatically recognizes what you’ve put in the oven, and it cooks it to perfection for you. Voice commands, a smartphone app, and fast preheating make it one of the easiest ways to cook. Control everything without even being in the kitchen!

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