10 Energy Saving Benefits of Lutron Light Control


How many times have you looked at your electric bill and wanted to shred it? Electrical lighting is a major expense for business and homes.

People leave lights on and bright bulbs can make your bills sky high. A Lutron lighting control system saves money by using less energy and providing more control.

Don’t fear your monthly electric bill by using a remote light control in your home or building. Are you not convinced? Let these 10 energy saving benefits convince you.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years before. Join the thousands of people that save money using lighting control systems.

1. Dimming Saves Energy Even at High Levels

You think only incandescent bulb can dim, but CFLS, LED and halogen bulbs can dim. Each dimmer installed can save 4-9 percent in energy even when used at high lighting levels.

If your employees or family leave lights on, then you can install lighting system dimmers and lose less energy.

They’ll leave the room and the light can be on all night. With a dimmer, you’re saving money even then.

2. Lutron Dimmer Can Sense Movement, Occupancy

The dimmers already save you money, even on high levels, but what if you didn’t have to turn them up and down? Light control systems can sense when people enter and leave a room.

If you have a board meeting and leave the room, then in a few minutes the light dims.

When you walk back in, the lights come back up. No more days and nights of constant high-level light.

It uses less energy and you spend less money. Take control of your electricity use with a lighting control system.

3. Bi-Level Switching Controls Lights

Bi-level switching entails controlling lamps and fixtures independently either individually or by rows. For example, an office with bi-level control can have a lights with an automatic on of 50 percent or automatic on of 100 percent.

If the person turned the light off and on, they also have a 50 percent and 100 percent on level.

Bi-Level switching can save as much as 22 percent in energy costs when used correctly. A smart light switch with bi-level controls saves you money, but also gives you options.

If you need 100 percent, then it’s there. If the ambient light from outside is enough, you may only need 50 percent.

4. Scalable for Individual Office to Buildings

Remote light control isn’t only for individual rooms. It’s scalable for offices, floors or entire buildings. If the building is empty by 8 p.m., then you can have lights drop to a lesser brightness or off.

If employees use different floors throughout the day and night, then you change lighting floor by floor.

Remote lighting systems interact with time clocks, occupancy sensors and handheld remote controls. There is almost no limit to the control a lighting system can provide.

Imagine the energy and monetary savings of being able to control building lighting.

5. Energy Savings and Increased Productivity

Many times, office lights aren’t designed for comfort. Bright lights and buzzing ballasts can cause headaches and loss profits. It’s been shown that more comfortable lighting can improve productivity.

Everyone responds to light differently. One person may need full brightness to work best. Another prefers light at 60 percent and another at 70 percent.

You can tune the lighting levels to what is most comfortable. You’re losing less energy and your employees are comfortable.

They’re not squinting at computer screens or papers. It’s all because of adjustable light settings.

6. Save Energy with Daylight Sensing

Lights can be on all day regardless of the outside brightness. We’ve all been in offices with plenty of sunlight from windows, but the lights are on full blast.

It’s unnecessary. You can change that with a lighting system.

Daylight harvesting senses how much light is coming into the room. It adjusts the lights accordingly. When it’s partly cloudy, it can provide 80 or 60 percent of light.

If it’s dark and rainy, then the lights are on full-strength. Daylight harvesting saves another 10 percent on energy.

7. Control Exterior Lighting

People focus on buildings, offices and conference rooms, but overlook exterior lights. Exterior lights make people feel secure especially in parking garages and other secluded areas. Exterior lights often use sodium lights.

These are bright, but the orange coloring of the lights makes it less visible and less secure. You can replace sodium lights with better lights and a lighting control system.

This is safer, and you’re providing a safer environment and saving energy. A fluorescent lighting system controlled with a remote saves thousands in energy and provides superior lighting.

8. Lutron Systems Reduce Carbon Footprint

The government encourages businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. It often provides incentives to do so.

Lutron lighting systems saved 10 billion kilowatt hours of energy. This is like removing 7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. You’re saving energy and the environment.

9. Less Light Bulbs to Buy

How many light bulbs does your home or business buy? When using a bulb at its full brightness for long periods of time, it won’t be long before it burns out.

A dimming system reduces the stress on the bulbs, so they last longer. The bulbs aren’t used at 100 percent brightness for 12 hours or more per day.

Instead, they’re reduced in brightness and sensors can turn them off when not in use. Lutron systems can extend bulb life by 20 percent.

10. Automatic Dimmer Saves Time and Energy

When an automatic lighting system uses occupancy sensors and an astronomic clock, it doesn’t need a user. There’s no person turning off light switches or going office to office after closing flipping light switches.

Your security needs to focus on safety and not energy efficiency. The time and effort saved by not flipping switches and worrying over electric bills goes back into the business.

A Lightbulb Moment

There’s a reason why cartoons always use a lightbulb to denote a good idea. Lutron lighting control systems can be your lightbulb moment. If you want more information on lighting and Lutron products, visit our website.

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