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lutron lights

7 Incredible Benefits of Lutron Lights

Whenever you’re upgrading your home, only the best will do. Every detail has to be perfect, from the flooring to the color of the walls to the furniture arrangement. Even the lighting and window treatments have a significant effect on the overall look and feel you’re going for. That’s why you should always use Lutron

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lutron lights

Modern Lighting Controls Reduce Your Electric Bill

The term lighting controls are generally used to indicate the independent control of lighting within a space. This may include presence detectors, clocks, and wired photocells to control fixed groups of lights independently. The setting is done manually at the location of each device. An energy-saving lighting control system is a intelligent network-based lighting control

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Lower Energy Bill with Custom Window Treatments

The Top 5 Ways That Smart Home Technology Can Equal Energy Savings

Energy-saving smart home automation may not be the first direction to look at when looking for ways to towards a lower power bill because they still seem a bit pricey. However, by integrating these new technologies of today into your home, they not only give you an unprecedented control over your home and home environment,

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Florida Smart Homes: From "Winter" to Spring

Being cold is a matter of perspective. People who do not live in Florida say it doesn’t get cold there. Memes are passed around the internet of snowmen built out of the sand, and people sprawled on the warm sunny beaches drinking margaritas and rum runners with the headline “Winter is Coming.” But if you

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Smart Bulbs: Just How Smart Are They?

Smart home automation can save you energy and money, and can ultimately simplify your life and add to your personal safety by increasing home security. Lights that automatically activate when you arrive home after a long day spent away are now readily available everywhere. Smart home lighting is quickly rising in popularity as more devices are

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Prepping Windows for Winter

Heat conservation begins with our windows. Winter is coming on fast, temperatures are dropping, and we are turning our thermostats up. There is nothing quite as nice as a warm snuggly room on a cold winter’s day. But how much of that precious heat that we pay so much for is leaking out through our

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Window Treatment

Window Design Headaches: Don't Do It Yourself

Before we even get into fabrics or size or shades vs. drapes…you’re going to need some professional help. Starting at the planning phase, the technicalities involved in accurately metering out your screw points is a hassle in itself. Once these point are determined, the next roadblock is the rods, requiring at least 2 people to

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