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The majority of our clients come in wanting floor to ceiling windows. Why? Because we’re located in the subtropics, where the views are something out of a postcard. Royal palms, live oaks, and yucca plants. Beach and bay-front views. Sunsets reflecting off ocean waves. In Florida, lush colors come through your windows year-round.

When choosing the best interior design for your space, take of all of these colors and textures into consideration, and design with your scenery in mind!

Palettes with Purpose

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Sketch your designs around large pieces that are in cooler, neutral colors — like blues, greys and nudes. These swatches will not only mix well with the hues from your outdoor surroundings, but they will also ‘cool off’ your home — literally! Blue, for example, is considered a calming color, and it is linked to lowering blood pressure and respiration. So, a blue room is wonderful counterbalance to the frenzied energy and exhaustion that can come with 90 degree weather.

Florida + Pastels

When you think Florida living, you may envision ocean-front havens, delicately decorated with seashell-rimmed mirrors, pastel color schemes, and printed throw pillows.

Pastels and Florida just go together. Perhaps the dominance of this trend can be credited to a man who moved from New York City to South Beach in 1976, and almost immediately set to painting all of the aging buildings in the hues below. 

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The original palette of pastels, created by Leonard Horowitz, that transformed Miami’s South Beach into a mecca of art deco design.

He looked at the sun and the sky and the seas and the beach and pulled out these colors and put them together on this palette,” a friend of the famous designer once said.

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To create an elegant, bohemian feel in your home, pair a pastel color palette with wooden and gold-brushed furniture and natural area rugs. Add ornate plants like succulents or fig trees to finish off the look.

With so much vegetation and sunlight to take in, it’s no wonder the windows tend to be bigger in Floridian residences. If you’re looking for inspiration in updating your home’s interiors, stop by our showroom on Central Ave. We have a number of pieces that could marry your home’s design with the beautiful landscape of St. Pete.

And if you’re curious about color theory and how it can be used in your interior design project, give this fun blog a read.

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