Citrus Trees + Evergreens: Decorating for the Holidays in Florida

The tree is trimmed, the halls are decked, and our display cases are filled with luxe treats ready to be wrapped. But, while Christmas is less than a week away, it’s still a balmy 70 degrees here in St. Pete.

Floridians can all agree that imagery of a snowy morning spent unwrapping presents around the fireplace is not how we picture spending Christmas. Which, is why we’ve drawn up a list of holiday decorating tips that are temperature appropriate for a sandy white Christmas. We’re ditching the holly for palm fronds, and giving you ample enough reasons to minimize the excess and up the elegance this holiday season.

Tip #1: Reduce, reuse, and relax

Florida condos, and even homes, typically don’t have much storage space in the way of attics and basements. In honor of freeing up space for those items that truly matter—i.e. water skis and beach towelsdownsize your arsenal of seasonal decorations.

Photo by Craftberry Bush

One simple way to do this is to get creative and decorate with items you don’t need to store, like presents.

Wrapped presents don’t have to stay under the tree. They can be used to create a mini display in your entrance way, or to add pops of festive color going up the staircase.

Tip #2: In the name of elegance, tone it down

Neutrals, and especially greys, continue to be among the most popular hues chosen by interior designers and homeowners alike. Instead of overburdening your tasteful rooms with excessive amounts of color, chose decorations in just one or two holiday-themed swatches.


Photo by Hector Sanchez

Decorating with greens is a wise choice, as they pair well with neutrals and are often already present throughout people’s homes through the arrangement of flowers and potted plants. To both match your already existing decor and increase holiday cheer, use fresh or preserved garland to decorate your statement architectural pieces.

Tip #3: Think localas in your backyard

To make your friends and family feel like they are truly spending Christmas in paradise, incorporate tropically-sourced finds into your decor. Whether you find them near your home or at a corner nursery, drape your door frame with a mix of boxwood garland and palm fronds.

holiday decorating

Photo by Hector Sanchez

Finally, use seashells found at the beach to wrap your presents or decorate your tree.


(L) Photo by Hector Sanchez, (R) BBD showroom, taken by Clear ph

For more creative holiday decorating ideas, visit our showroom on Central Ave. in St. Petersburg, FL. Here’s to pool-side mimosas on Christmas Day, cheers!

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