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Interior of modern design room 3D rendering

Living Room Window Treatment Ideas and Styles for 2019

The internet has fundamentally changed the way that design functions in the world. In a time without pictures, there were lots of local styles and small trends that could pop up globally. You might be able to vacation in a distant place, if you were rich, and then bring back some ideas that were not

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8 Ways to Make Your Windows Stand Out

Interior design trends have been shifting. Windows are no longer merely ways to exchange light from the outside to the inside. They’ve now become a status symbol in themselves, an icon that recalls imagination, future orientation, and transparency.  They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the modern window is the

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Full Grain Leather vs Top Grain Leather: What are the Differences?

Top grain leather is called “top grain” because it has the very top of the leather processed. This can give a wide variety of looks and colors for the leather. Full grain leather is called “full grain” because the grain of the entire leather remains unprocessed. This leather looks more natural and retains its durability

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indoor custom window treatment

Let The Sunshine in with Sheer Curtains

When it comes to decorating the interior of your house, one of the most difficult challenges is deciding your windows treatment. With all the options on the market, the decision on which to choose is endless. Sheer curtains are an excellent option because they provide some privacy but allow the maximum amount of sunlight. Variety

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BBD Offering Exclusive 2019 Services to ONE St. Petersburg Residents

The 41-storied ONE St. Petersburg is the bay’s newest luxury high-rise under construction on the prized Beach Drive. Once constructed, ONE will behold 253 luxurious condominiums, which will be equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows boasting gorgeous views of downtown St. Petersburg and the bay area. What started off under a slight air of doubt as to whether or not St. Pete’s real estate market could

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Exterior Inspiration for Interior Design

The majority of our clients come in wanting floor to ceiling windows. Why? Because we’re located in the subtropics, where the views are something out of a postcard. Royal palms, live oaks, and yucca plants. Beach and bay-front views. Sunsets reflecting off ocean waves. In Florida, lush colors come through your windows year-round. When choosing

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BBD’s Secrets to French Decorating

Recently, our showroom at BBD Life Style has taken on a royal, Palace of Versailles-inspired look and feel — and we have to say we are enthused! From gold-trimmed mirrors and crisp linens to French country headboards, our space harmonizes imperial beauty with contemporary design. As lovers of French-inspired decor, we were in heaven when

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