Trends in Commercial Office Window Treatments

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Commercial office window treatments are not excluded from the variety of annual shifts in trends.

As a business owner, keeping abreast of these trends can make your office or shop look innovate and modern. 

Trends do not simply ride on shifting design preferences. New technologies in the world of window treatments can offer simplicity, convenience, and cost savings. Environmental friendliness is also improved as commercial office window treatments trend more toward responsible practices. 

There are multiple angles to staying on trend and this guide will keep you on top of the incoming commercial window treatment trends.

Texture is the New Sleek

Textured window treatments combine a unique, earthy look with environmentally friendly materials. Woven and roller shades and wood blinds round out the majority of textured options.

Organic materials are available, offering both eco-conscious and trendy appeal. These materials are often moisture resistant, making them ideal in break room kitchens or restrooms. 

Textured treatments are often available in creams and tans, allowing for use in many spaces with different color schemes. Getting away from bland, sleek materials and choosing textured commercial window treatments will definitely keep your office on-trend.

The Environment is Still Important

Eco-friendly office window treatments are quickly becoming a staple, rather than a trend. Consumers, customers, and clients are all using environmental impact as a criterion for vetting businesses. 

Recycled materials are popular along with window coverings manufactured from sustainable sources. The materials are eco-friendly but also provide other benefits like preventing heat loss, blocking heat from the sun, and keeping cool air inside. 

Virtually every type of window treatment is available in an environmentally responsible material.

Marketing Tactics for Office Window Treatments

High-quality marketing has never been more important than it is today. Getting your message in front of potential customers or clients is priceless. How does this apply to trends in commercial window treatments?

Public-facing windows can feature window treatments that display your branding. Window shades can display contact information, offerings, or anything else that might be beneficial for passersby to know. 

While these shades display branding to the outside, they look completely normal inside. This provides your business with a professional look on the interior. Roller shades were once cumbersome and unattractive but can now be customized with treatments that hide the mechanical parts.

Cordless Commercial Window Treatment Options

Commercial spaces are beginning to feature cordless window treatments. These coverings provide an attractive look and increase safety. The lack of cords makes these treatments great for businesses that may have children frequently present. 

Cordless aluminum blinds are making a major comeback and represent one of the biggest current design trends. Popular in the 1960s, aluminum blinds offer easy installation, durability, and excellent privacy.

Motorized Window Treatment Options

Motorized window treatments are rapidly improving aesthetically and technologically. The convenience these coverings provide cannot be overstated. The ability to control every function of blinds or shades remotely eliminates having to awkwardly interrupt conversations. 

Most motorized window treatments are cordless, making them a safe option in areas with children. The shades are manipulated using a small motor. Many offer the ability to control via smartphone or tablet through a downloadable app. 

Motorized treatments can be set on a schedule, automating their opening and closing. This can increase energy efficiency in a space by ensuring the shades are drawn at appropriate times of the day. 

Window Treatment Film

Window film eliminates the need for opening or closing. The film is applied directly to windows, making maintenance a non-issue. The lack of operation makes window film ideal in commercial spaces. It also provides a clean, clutter-free look.

Film is great for large windows that receive direct sunlight. It can block nearly all UV rays, which can be harmful after excessive exposure. UV rays are also damaging to flooring and furniture. Window film can prevent strong glares that make working on screens impossible.

Stay on Trend

The trends in the world of window treatments have remained predictable for several years. Most new products are technological expansions and improvements. Window coverings are beginning to feature convenience and great design.

It is now possible for businesses to blend considerations of appearances and functionality. Safe, convenient options are also great choices and eco-friendly materials are becoming more prevalent. 

Contact a window treatment specialist today to get started making your visions of a trendy commercial space a reality.

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