The Best Window Treatments for Your Commercial Space

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If you want to improve your employees’ productivity, you need window treatment to create a comfortable and relaxing temperature in your commercial space. Keep in mind that working in a space that gets direct sunlight can prevent employees from focusing on their work. Not only this, but window treatment is crucial for the safety of your workers, as it obstructs flying items that may enter your space because of strong winds. 

Apart from this, blinds, shades, or curtains can help you create a good impression and help you retain employees, and impress clients.  Window treatments are important as they add light control, energy efficiency, privacy, and décor to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any window.

So, here are some catchy yet efficient window treatment ideas. 

Roller Shades

Are you looking for simple and elegant window treatment options? Then, roller shades are perfect for you. These shades offer you a broad range of colors, designs, and materials that you can choose based on the color scheme and needs of your commercial space.

From medical facilities to educational institutions, these shades work best for every space. Depending on the fabric you choose, you can allow different amounts of light to pass through.

Hence, you can create a dim environment or a complete blackout. The most important benefit of these roller shades is that when you roll them up completely, they are less noticeable than other treatments. Not only this, but they are also quite affordable. 


Well, this is one of the oldest methods to cover both large and small windows. In fact, people use draperies for both residential and commercial settings. Based on your requirements, these draperies can be a perfect addition to your space, bringing a touch of elegance and comfort. 

Draperies can be functional or decorative. Additionally, side panels are exclusively for decorations, which don’t close or open. They make your windows look stylish and classy. If you hang them a certain way, they make your roof look much higher than it is. 

Furthermore, if you add functional draperies like traversing drapes, you can easily open and close them. They can help you control UV light coming into your space. In commercial settings, these treatments add warmth and depth, giving a cozy and calm feel. 

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are better than horizontal blinds, as they don’t allow dust to build up, making them easy to maintain and clean. If you have fabric blinds in your commercial space, you can use vacuum cleaners or lint roller for cleaning. You only need to deep clean your window treatment if the fabric is stained. 

Being the most popular type of window blind, they have multiple vertical strips and a handrail called louvers. The strips are hung on the window through cords, which also help them create a tilt position. These blinds add a visual height to any room and allow privacy and light control in your commercial settings, which is convenient. 

You can hang them on sliding glass doors and hard-to-fit windows to get the most out of them. Also, they offer higher light control if you use them on eat or west-facing windows. 

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Cellular Shades

One of the primary reasons people prefer installing cellular shades is that they don’t come with slats like other treatments. Besides that, their honeycomb shape makes them even more appalling and impressive. 

These features also allow dust to fall instead of building upon the shades. However, you might need to clean the dust on the creases between the sections occasionally. For that, a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner is best. 

Cellular shades also offer great insulation, privacy, and light control. You can use them to reduce utility costs and noise. But here is the catch: they are not the most fashionable treatments on the market. So, if you prefer function over looks, you need to go for these shades.


Sheers are more like curtains but with soft materials. They are exceptionally lightweight and cover your entire window. Moreover, they help you soften your location’s lighting and create an instant aesthetic-pleasing ambiance in your space. 

Although these window treatments give you reasonable privacy, you can pair them with other window treatments to achieve higher privacy and full light control. 

You can choose from a great range of materials when buying sheers, from solid colors to multi-colored fabrics. They are also available with embroidery and foil print design. Sheers with metallic or shimmery thread look a bit more attractive than others. 

Just make sure to add them in an office with enough room so that you can show off your sheers without creating an obstruction. 


To create a traditional and attractive feel, shutters are the best option for you. They have unique construction and structure that complements both contemporary and traditional settings. Shutters are a bit expensive, but they are worth the price. 

You can expect them to last longer, as they are made from durable materials. When it comes to shutters, you can choose between different materials and functions. 

People opt for shutters for several reasons, including privacy. They also control the amount of sunlight, offer security, and protect against weather. Keep in mind that they are quite different from blinds. Unlike blinds, you need to attach shutters to a window frame to get a more sturdy structure. 

Apart from this, there are two types of shutters: exterior and interior shutters. Both of them offer a nice and clean look to your commercial space and help you shield against storms and get a cooler atmosphere inside. 

Bottom Line

Have you decided to install window treatments in your office? Then, BBD Lifestyle is here to help you. We have a massive collection of window treatments that go well with different commercial settings. Our team can also guide you in choosing the right options if you are confused and need assistance. 

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