Color is in Season

What to Know As summer approaches it’s peak, we know there are some questions about how to assign a proper color scheme to your window treatments. Sure, you’ve got your summer warms and complimentary hues but what about a sustainable color scheme? Each season has its traditional colors, but what about preparing for long term options?

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Ways to Get More Natural Light to Dark Rooms

The level of natural light in your rooms can really affect your mood. Those blessed rays, filled with sunlight and vitamin D make you feel positive. So, its natural that bright rooms make us feel happier, more alive and vibrant. We’ve gathered a few tips on Ways to Get More Natural Light to Dark Rooms. From

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Best Way To Clean All The Blinds In Your Home

If there’s one chore that seems to be dreaded above all others, I’m pretty sure it would be cleaning the blinds. Whether wood, faux wood, fabric, vinyl or aluminum, most of us HATE cleaning the blinds! It’s a time-consuming task and no one seems to be sure that they’re even doing it right! So I decided to delve

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Blinds vs Curtains

Decorating a home can be a difficult task given all the choices available today, but selecting window treatments can be an easy and pleasant experience if you know what to look for, and what will work best with your home. Curtains have been used for centuries for their luxurious looks and materials, and blinds, while newer,

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2016 Design Trends in Window Treatments

The new year brings exciting new home design trends. Designers predict 2016 window treatment trends will be driven by homeowners’ desire for styles that are fashion-forward, high-tech and eco-conscious. Read on as we cover what you need to know to be on trend this year. Read the full article here

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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Custom Window Treatments

So what makes custom window treatments so special? Well they are not only measured to fit your window, but their a lifetime investment. They even have the ability to protect your furnishings from the sun-making them last longer and saving you more money. Additionally, they add value to your home and let’s not mention how

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Gold living room front view

2015 Window Trends for Your Home

Decor and design trends have gone through decades of transformation, although homeowners are constantly looking for inexpensive ways to increase the value of their property, and with good intentions in mind. Certain trends can end up paying off when an owner sells their home, while others can decrease the value of your home. The struggle

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Security Window Treatment for Your Home

The comfort of our home and the protection from others is one of people’s most important amenities and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Instead, it can be an investment to prevent uninvited guest to your residence or place of business. Interior shutters serve as a barrier between you and trespassers. Most people may overlook

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Window Treatment for Your Home

Looking to add finishing touches to your home? Maybe you’re trying to select the perfect style and mood in your living room; it’s advised that you start with the style and then turn to the color and design.  Because there are several options on the market Blinds by Design wanted to share with you our

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