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Your Guide to Lutron Lighting Controls

Have you ever dreamed of having a fancy home where you can make a room totally dark in the middle of the day, or turn the lights on and off just by clapping? These things aren’t reserved for TV shows or movie stars. Thanks to Lutron lights and their lighting control systems, you can create

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Why You Need Savant Home Automation

Imagine waking to the soothing sounds of your favorite playlist. The curtains open and sunlight streams into your bedroom. The shower turns on to your preferred temperature and water pressure. And all of this happens before you even get out of bed. This is a day in the life of living with home automation. 2019

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custom drapery

10 Custom Window Treatments to Consider for Your Home

Does the thought of updating your window treatments stress you out? Do you worry that the wrong choice will make your windows unattractive? Many people struggle to find window coverings that fit the style of their home while still being functional. The trick to a successful selection is knowing what you need. And what you

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smart home products

Smart Home Products You Need to Have Installed Today

Smart homes started out as the ideal “house of the future” but in the past few years, they’ve slowly started to become a reality. What was once just a distant dream can now be attained. New high-tech technology is coming out more often than ever, making your daily chores easier. But it doesn’t stop there.

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Model Your Smart Home after Bill Gates’

In 1995, Bill Gates penned The Road Ahead, which, along with insights into the PC revolution, included a description of the “invisible” technologies built into his home. They were meant to “meet and even anticipate [one’s] needs—all as unobtrusively as possible.” Cue the smart home revolution. Gate’s home, with speakers hidden behind wallpaper, pressure-sensitive flooring, and invisible electrical

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Exterior Inspiration for Interior Design

The majority of our clients come in wanting floor to ceiling windows. Why? Because we’re located in the subtropics, where the views are something out of a postcard. Royal palms, live oaks, and yucca plants. Beach and bay-front views. Sunsets reflecting off ocean waves. In Florida, lush colors come through your windows year-round. When choosing

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BBD’s Secrets to French Decorating

Recently, our showroom at BBD Life Style has taken on a royal, Palace of Versailles-inspired look and feel — and we have to say we are enthused! From gold-trimmed mirrors and crisp linens to French country headboards, our space harmonizes imperial beauty with contemporary design. As lovers of French-inspired decor, we were in heaven when

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