4 Ways That Home Automation Can Ease Your Stress

Home Automation System Window Treatments

Automated home security system is a trend that’s rising in popularity, and for good reason.

Also referred to as smart home technology or domotics, a home automation system can save homeowners time while relieving stress.

The technology available today to automate your home is exciting and inspiring. An automated home can:

Add Convenience to day-to-day tasks

Convenience is one of the biggest reasons that people build and purchase smart homes. These homes give users remote access to systems including heating and cooling systems, intercoms, music and multimedia devices throughout the home. Integrated hard drives allow homeowners to watch video or listen to audio in any room; video intercoms make it easy to communicate with others in the home or visitors at the door. All of these smart home technologies streamline common tasks. Wanting to kick home entertainment up a notch? Systems like the Savant Remote helps people get more enjoyment from their home by working with thousands of entertainment devices, including TVs, cable, Sonos, Apple TV, game consoles, AV receivers, and more.

Enhance Home Security

Remote system monitoring includes advanced home security camera systems, motion sensors and a link to the local police station or a private security company. Smart homes using automated home security may also use key cards or fingerprint identification in place of conventional locks, making it harder for someone to break in.

Provide Accessibility

Voice-command and remote systems can do things like control lights, lock doors, operate a telephone or use a computer. Home automation allows an individual to set a schedule for automatic tasks like watering the lawn, removing the need to perform these labor-intensive tasks on a regular basis. For elderly or disabled residents, a smart home may feature accessibility technologies. Wireless total home control systems like Lutron’s RadioRA 2 gives the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using light controls and automated shades) as well as temperature in a single room or throughout the entire home. The system also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use.

Increase Efficiency

Energy-saving smart home automation offer automated climate control; Blinds can be programmed to shut when the temperature reaches a certain point, or to open when the sun is out and the room is cooler than ideal.

Lights can shut off automatically when no one is in a room, and automated thermostat controls can be set to let the indoor temperature drop during the day before returning it to a more comfortable level just before residents arrive in the evening.

You can even control components outside your home, like your lawn sprinklers.

A standard smart sprinkler system helps conserve water by allowing you to set automatic shutdown times.

All of these automated tasks, along with modern, energy-efficient appliances, combine to save on electricity, water and natural gas, thereby reducing the strain on natural resources. Energy-saving technologies not only will help with the bottom line on your energy bill, they offer the hassle of  not climbing out of bed in the middle of the night to view your remote camera system for those things that go bump in the night. We all love that.

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