What You Can Automate In Your Home


Smart homes everywhere! There’s a ton of resources out there for how to automate your home and save money. What You Can Automate In Your HomeEverything from your garage door to automated blinds are being added into smart home packages. We wanted to touch on what you can truly automate into a smart function…and the list is not modest! We know there are many benefits to adding tech to your home but we wanted to give you a concise list of home automation options for inspiration and action.


Let’s start with lighting: the paintbrush of ambience….and energy bills. We tend to forget about all the illuminating fixtures in our home which can lead to some steep energy costs. Through lighting automation, you can control every aspect of your home’s lighting without even getting up. With your favorite mobile device you can address each and every light fixture when and where you need to. Forgot to shut off the bedroom lights? Not a problem, your mobile app will handle it for you. It gets even easier with automated schedules. If you don’t have time to access your mobile app on the go, you can set automated schedules for lighting to run while you get work done.


Have an Amazon Alexa? Hook her up to your gadgets! What about a voice automated entertainment system, check! There are a plethora of tech that is now automation friendly. Wondering when your garden will need water next? Hook your Edyn gadget to your home system! A favorite of ours is the Savant Pro 8.0 Remote that allows you to capture scenes, control lighting and even customize your ambience. Now you can automate and control almost any device in your home from a mobile device or even the sound of your voice.


Home automation has a ton of security options. To start, you can set up smart locks which are not only controlled remotely but can utilize unique forms of entry like fingerprint or facial recognition. We all forget our key every now and then, smart locks take away the stress of a locksmith or waiting around all day by allowing you to control your locks from anywhere. Plus, if you have little ones to look after, you automated home security can notify you anytime there’s movement around your home entry, including when they arrive home from school.

Shades + Environment

Imagine being able to turn off your air conditioning after leaving for your big trip….you can! Or how about setting an automated schedule for your blinds to open gently each morning? Also possible! Climate and window control are some of the most sought after features of the smart home world. We’ve had our eyes on the Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon WIDR shades, battery powered and designed with a beautiful slim profile.  Not only does it make daily life more efficient but you can also save a lot of money. Through environmental monitoring, your system will learn your schedule and patterns, then apply that data to create a home climate plan that optimizes energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

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